Gentle Giant – Octopus Review (Tidied Up From Its Original 2007 State)

Gentle Giant - Octopus

Gentle Giant - Octopus

Octopus was the fourth full-length studio album by British Progressive Rock band Gentle Giant. It was originally released in late 1972 and has since gone on to become on of the band’s signature albums.

In my opinion, this is one monster of an album. Perhaps the perfect mixture between out and out prog and pure hard rock. The album is packed full of brilliant tunes that are complex, challenging and far from standard. That being said however, for a Gentle Giant album the songs are shorter and catchier than usual and a few pack a nice rocking punch.

This is the perfect album to start your adventure with Gentle Giant. Octopus is a captivating and emotional album, that displays the band’s immense creativity and variety in a relatively easy to digest delivery. From the twisting vocal chaos of ‘Knots,’ and the beautiful balladry of ‘Think Of Me With Kindness,’ to the shameless rocking of ‘A Cry For Everyone,’ ‘River,’ and the awesome ‘Advent of Panurge,’ Octopus has something satisfying for fans of all backgrounds.

If you’re absolutely unfamiliar with the likes of Yes or King Crimson then the music may be strange on first listen but remember that ‘strange’ doesn’t mean ‘bad,’ and in this case it means something more along the lines of superb. In summary, perhaps odd to an absolute newcomer but absolutely worth persisting with. This is the sort of album you’ll listen to for years!

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