Gentle Giant – The Power And The Glory Review (Tidied Up From Its Origional 2007 State)

Gentle Giant – The Power And The Glory

Gentle Giant – The Power And The Glory

Gentle Giant’s sixth studio album The Power And The Glory, released in 1974, finds the band delivering a new dimension of their trademark chaotic Progressive Rock style. For some the style may be an acquired taste (the band even named an album in reference to that fact) but anyone interested in Prog Rock should give them at least a chance, and will probably find themselves hooked.

The trademark Gentle Giant style is a mixture of complex time signatures, multiple musical changes and interweaving vocal patterns, coupled with excellent drum work that holds the songs together and prevents them from sounding too bizarre. There are all sorts of stringed instruments and tuned percussion mixed in with the rock line up. The msot definitive feature of the band’s sound however is a spirit of exploration and variety.

The Power And The Glory features some of the band’s most interesting lyrics, as it is a concept album telling the story of a leader’s rise to power and how it affects them and their people. As with all Gentle Giant music, singer Derek Shulman has an astounding voice (in fact all the members do) and the superb Hendrix influenced wah-solos from guitarist Gary Green lend a great rock flavour to the multifaceted and explorative music.

On this album tracks such as ‘Cogs In Cogs’ and ‘So Sincere’ push the band’s formula into more noisy and dissonant territories than ever before, creating a harsh and heavy listen in places that is refreshing and a little challenging. Luckily however, on tracks such as the stand out opener ‘Proclamation’ and the haunting ballad ‘Aspirations’ the band also balance things out with more instantly enjoyable material too, creating a best of both world situation overall.

In summary, Gentle Giant are on top form here and deliver a mixture of the hard rocking, the funky, the beautiful and even the down right weird aspects of their sound on occasion. The production is crisp, the lyrics are memorable and the vocals are great. This is a very strong album from one of the genre’s finest ever bands in their creative prime. If you like the band this album is an absolute must own.

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