Top 150

My Amazon Top Reviewer Rank gone up to 148, The highest its ever been. That’s breaking into the Top 150 now, the Top 150 of people who review anything; Fridges, TVs, Consoles, movies, Books, Software, Mp3 Players, Drills, Clothes, Furniture, Exercise equipment etc. My reviewing history is all music related. Prog, Rock and Metal music albums or DVDs. Its not even as though there are reviews of pop albums, jazz albums, country albums, folk albums, rap albums, dance compilations or classical music in there too, it really is as limited as the type of content discussed here on this blog. The only exception is two reviews of videogames. Surprising that it is possible to get so far on such a limited selection, but a fun little confidence booster nonetheless. I imagine that as soon as the benefit of this new Jethro Tull(ish) album wears off, I’ll plummet back down about a hundred positions, but it is pretty interesting to be this high in the first place.

Top 150


  1. Congratulations!

    Is that how it works? Surely when you’re in you’re in. I’ve posted very infrequently this year but I’ve maintained within a band of about ten places for months and months.


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