What I’m Enjoying These Days:


Ok, I have a big thing for music documentaries. I really like them, and watch each one I find several times at a minimum. Some are well written but poorly put together, some have great interviews but cheap visuals, some are full of good information but terrible interviews, some are ego trips from the makers and some are childish defenses of a musical style that achieve little.

This series on MetalInjection.com, entitled “On The Record” is one of the best pieces of music documentary I’ve seen in recent years. It is informative, original and tasteful, but most importantly it isn’t rubbish like so many others. It isn’t noticeably anybody’s vanity project and it isn’t desperately trying to prove Metal’s legitimacy and looking silly for the effort.

I would just like to give it some sort of approval/plug and say that if you agree with any of the things you’ve read on this Blog, or just like well made music doucmentaries, then check it out. I hope it gets millions of hits so people see there is a call to make good documentaries on the subject and a demand for them.

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