List Of Good Greatest-Hit Collections

For the most part, a lot of people who think like me often dismiss Greatest Hit packages as stupid for numerous reasons, but I thought I might highlight some Greatest Hit compilations that I think are very good and which would serve as a brilliant introduction to the band, and all together would form a great introduction to Metal for a prospective new listener.

1. Diamonds The Best Of Dio : Great one-disc affair with good track listing, covers the era most people want, has a rare track too, good artwork.

2. The Essential Ozzy Osbourne : Two discs, contains about every non-filler track in his career.

3. Somewhere Back In Time The Best of 1980-1989 (Iron Maiden) : Everything a new fan should take in, and the Diano era stuff is live with Bruce.

4. Judas Priest – The Chosen Few : Good order, covers the 70s and 80s well. A smart introduction.

5. Megadeth – Greatest Hits Back To The Start : A few odd choices, but everything a new fan should hear.

6. Reinventing Hell – The Best Of Pantera : Simple 1 Disc set. Covers everything a new fans needs or wants. Plus two bonus rarities.

7. Black Sabbath The Dio Years : Everything you’d want and three excellent new songs.

8. Greatest Hits 1970-78 (Black Sabbath) : Simple and non-overwhelming coverage of important Ozzy era songs.

9. Greatest Kiss : Would be better than buying their albums. Exactly what new fans need.

10. Ace Up Our Sleeves (Motorhead) : Simple collection, many important tracks that fans want.

11. Deepest Purple (Deep Purple) : What a new fan needs to hear.

12. Led Zeppelin – The Remasters : Probably a substitute for the actual albums

13. Queen Rocks : A collection concentrating on Queens heavier moments.

14. Fire: The Jimi Hendrix Collection : One almost perfect disc that really shows what his albums were about.

15. Lynyrd Skynyrd The Collection : Almost every important track they did. A great introduction.

Slayer, Metallica and a few other notable bands do not have a greatest hits package at all, and some do not have one good enough for inclusion. Otherwise I think that all of these should be given to a new fan and that a specific beginner’s radio station/tv channel should be on in permanence consisting primarily of tracks from these collections.

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  1. That Pantera one was also available with a DVD and in an American edition with identical art but a different tracklist. Worth owning for “The Badge” alone.

    Underworld’s 1992-2002 (the one I bought yourbs) is a great album for its inclusion of particular single mixes and non-album tracks. A lot of its tracks are unavailable outside of large vinyl rarity collections. Lovecraft And Witch-Hearts is a great primer with an excellent second CD, poster and good artwork.

    Michael Jackson’s HIStory has an excellent first disc of hits and an entire brand new album on disc 2. There’ve been, like, six or seven other comps since then but that was the best one.

    MDB also favoured the hits-and-rarities packages but they were in rank cases. Still, they were the only place to get the original demo tracks cleaned up.

    Those were the only ones that made an impression on me.

    OH, and The Best Of Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince, for its combination of big Willie singles and earlier stuff like Nightmare On My Street, Girls Ain’t Nothin But Trouble and Summertime. Good disc.


  2. That Megadeth and that Zeppelin were my entry into both of those bands. Also I prefer the 2CD best of the beast to Somewhere Back in Time


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