Do You Trust Me ? …Rishloo Give Away Free Albums. Download Them!

Rishloo, who I have spent the last eight months absolutely in love with recently split up after their singer left.
Today they posted this on Facebook:


If you trust any of my opinions on Music I strongly urge you to download these three absolutely phenomenal albums and give them a good, open-minded listen or even a few-listens and really absorb them. I can’t say how much I have fallen in love with these three albums over the last eight months but I would like to say that, without hyperbole, they are the single highest that I would rate anything at the minute and they continue to grow on every listen.

I think everyone who has similar opinions to me on the subjects of bands like Tool, The Mars Volta and Coheed And Cambria as well as on subjects like the genre of Prog itself should definitely check out this band. My only caveat is that I’d recommend leaving their debut to last in the order of which you give them your first listen.

If you like music that has all of the good qualities of Prog with none of the drawbacks, if you like genuinely talented and literally impressive singing, if you like really interesting and intelligent lyrics and again, if you trust my judgment at all, give it a shot.

I absolutely adore these three albums and I highly, highly recommend that you check them out.


  1. Thank you. I’m always astounded at how big business want to negate if not stop the new way of sharing music.And I still buy CDs and share with friends.


  2. I just had to come back and tell you – I’m still listening to Eidolon, Feathergun and Terras Fames. And I don’t really take to new music, old fart that I am. The music is rich, sprawling, rambling and it definitely rocks. I will recommend Rishloo to my friends. And thank you.


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