The Myth of ‘Poor Taste’

Poor Taste is a myth. There is no such thing. Your Taste is personal, it is unquantifiable and it is often practically inexplicable. Art isn’t something that has any definite, factual, indisputable quality and everything regarding its quality is entirely subjective.

If someone accuses you of Poor Taste they are not being objective in the matter or they are just using an incorrect sentence to state that they disagree with your taste and so label this ‘poor’ in a wrongful assumption that their own taste is somehow superior. Their taste obviously seems superior to them because it is their taste.

The other mistake about Poor Taste is deciding that enjoying things that either many or few others enjoy is better, or indeed enjoying many different things is somehow better. These types of things cannot factually prove one taste is better than any other either, because their validity as deciding factors in taste-quality are subjective. To put it another way; Everyone’s taste is exactly as valid as everyone else’s, and things like diversity of taste or the popularity of certain matters of taste are just factors. The importance and relevance of each factor is in itself a matter of taste.

You can judge one thing’s commercial performance for example, or which one weighs more, or which one is tallest, or which one lasts the longest – because all of these can be measured and proven. Judging any piece of media or art’s quality on an artistic level however cannot be legitimately quantified and is always a matter of opinion.

As long as your opinion is informed and you actually feel it, rather than saying it half-heartedly or spurting it out in haste, it is exactly as valid and correct as anyone else’s opinion.

On the subject of subjects like ‘Is X-Film good?’ ‘Is X-Painting good?’ ‘Is X-Book good?’ or ‘Is X-Album good?’ in all situations, both the answer ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are correct if you actually feel that way. No one can or indeed could prove otherwise, if they tried to you could just use the argument that the factors they used to judge it on are a matter of opinion as discussed above. The people who say ‘yes’ do not have poor taste and the people who say ‘no’ do not have poor taste either. Their have their taste; nothing more, nothing less, and their taste is no better or worse than anyone else’s as long as they know what they are talking about.

***The matter of ‘Poor Taste’ as it pertains to telling dead baby jokes at an infant’s funeral however is a different matter entirely and not relevant to this, perhaps they should come up with a different name for this… ‘poor judgment’ or ‘impolitic’ perhaps ?***


  1. Nice article, This is one thing I tend to talk about a lot with a couple of my friends who all have different and similar tastes and preference in Styles of Music, as you say its so subjective.

    I get so annoyed when I hear people start asking what your guilty pleasure is, I have none, if I like it I’m not going to be ashamed of it for fear of fitting in with a crowd of people who cant wait to sit and judge, enjoy your music, and dont let other Dislikes sway your taste.

    Also reminds me of another thing I when I’m talking musically with friends, may well put a post on my blog, will link it here when I’m done.


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