Nuclear Assault – Handle With Care Review (Tidied Up From Its Origional 2006 Form)

Nuclear Assault - Handle With Care

Nuclear Assault – Handle With Care

When listening to this album, I sometimes feel as though Nuclear Assault are one of Thrash Metal’s true geniuses but unfortunately they never garnered the sort of lasting legacy that other great Thrash bands like the Big Four, Exodus or Testament did.

Their 1986 debut album Game Over is as good as any Thrash album that gets called a timeless classic, their 1988 album Survive improved upon the formula by mixing in some more variety and then came this album, Handle With Care. Their third full-length studio album, and it has its own unique flaws and charms.

Handle With Care is essentially the fastest, hardest and most extreme Nuclear Assault album. It has probably got their greatest set of lyrics to date, and is a mature effort that should be ranked among their absolute best work. The level of energy is really high, the quality of musicianship is high and the production value is comparatively high when stood against their rawer debut album and also The Plauge EP. Handle with Care is a monster full of high speed drumming, technical riffing, rattling bass and John’s traditional high pitched ‘love em or hate em’ vocal wail.

Standout songs include the ultra-catchy ‘Critical Mass’ and ‘The New Song’ which will have you singing along and the final track is an atmospheric epic which proves that the band are more than just speed. That, and there are still a few joke tracks and wry ironic lyrics among the otherwise tasteful and well written Thrash.

Overall, if you like Thrash Metal but don’t yet know Nuclear Assault you should consider checking them out right away. If you already like the band, this third album is highly, highly Recommended.

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