Little Touches: What I Love About Music – Part 1

One of my absolute favourite things in music is the little touch of when a band drops out all music for about a second and the singer delivers a line unaccompanied, at which point the song kicks in again. It is just one of the little touches like cymbal chokes or guitar solos (although they are much rarer and more specific) that really, really set off my musical enjoyment.

They usually come in before the chorus or three quarters of the way thorugh the song after a bridge just before the more energetic and usually final version of an existing verse or chorus comes in.

The following is a list of several such instances, with an asterix indicating a similar event where almost all the music cuts out, but some feedback or one riff turned way down is still played underneath as opposed to complete silence.

Chimaira: – Left For Dead : ‘….He’s Been’
Chimaira: – Coming Alive ‘…Unbelievable Force’
Chimaira: – The Disappearing Sun ‘…Or They’ll Stab You In The Fucking Back’

Dozer:  – Rising: ‘I Kick You Down To See You Fall’

Entombed: – Flexing Muscles: ‘…Jerking Off While Flexing’*

Jasta:  – Walk That Path Alone: ‘…You Walk That Path Alone, Fuck!’

Judas Priest: – A Touch Of Evil: ‘…You’re Possessing Me!’

Lamb Of God: – As The Palaces Burn: ‘…In Such A World As This Does One Dare To Think For Themselves’

Machine Head: – Davidian: ‘Let Freedom Ring With The Shotgun Blast’

Pantera: – Fucking Hostile: ‘Awwww Fucking Hostile’

Parkway Drive: – Sleepwalker: ‘Not One More Step’*
Parkway Drive: – Deadweight : ‘The Nothingness Confronts Me’
Parkway Drive: – Deliver Me: ‘Torn In Two’

Rainbow: – A Light In The Black: ‘I’m Coming Home’

Slayer: – New Faith: ‘I Keep The Bible In A Pool Of Blood So That None Of Its Lies Can Effect Me’

Queensryche: – Revolution Calling: ‘Who Do You Trust When Everyone’s A Crook?’

Trivium: – In Waves: ‘…In Waves’

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  1. Jim FTW

    I was thinking about maybe doing a blog on some of my absolute favourite moments in music, inspired by listening to that bit with the kind-of awkward-ish computery breakdown in Hi Tech Hate, followed by the snare roll and that AMAZING scream. But I might never do it.


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