Internet Users Directly Addressing Artists

Something that I dislike is when people, everyday people who aren’t professional journalists, says things like ‘Irvine Welsh, please retire’ or ‘Black Sabbath, go make a jazz album why don’t you’ or ‘Well, sorry Mr. Lucas, but your new film doesn’t cut the mustard.’

It is a learned habit that stems from reviews in newspapers and big-circulation magazines, that spread to amateur writers and everyday people just having a go, but it is kind of ludicrous and I’d like to register my disapproval of its use.

When they said it in the New York Times or Rolling Stone Magazine back in the 1970s, they were important enough that the author/filmmaker/band would actually have a very strong chance of reading it, and it was therefore more appropriate for them to directly address the artist in their writing.

I don’t have a problem with people voicing legitimate personal opinions, or with people contacting artists directly, such as through facebook and twitter. When somebody in a customer review, or in the comments section of Blabbermouth or Youtube says something similar however, they have hardly any chance of ever having the artist read it and so it is almost pointless to do so.

Furthermore; as I said earlier it is just a learned response, for a lot of people it is just a meme that people thoughtlessly and robotically spill out without ever properly considering. They would achieve the same result by just saying ‘I register my disapproval at this change in direction, I preferred your previous direction,’ which is just as robotic and ineffective but at least it is clear, to the point and not nasty.

Maybe it is cathartic to leave a mean-spirited personal message to Lars Ulrich on the 41st comment of a two week old article about Metallica, maybe you want to rally support so that more people agree with you, but if you talk as though you are an influential journalist from the past, then you are doing it in an ineffective and slightly silly way that only serves to make you look foolish and devoid of original thought.

Beep.Boop.I am a robot, and I register my disapproval.

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