Savage Messiah – Plague Of Conscience Review

Savage Messiah - Plague Of Conscience

Savage Messiah – Plague Of Conscience

Savage Messiah are a British Metal Band and their third album, Plague Of Consciousness was released on Earache records in 2012, you can get a physical copy or if you like, the band let you download it digitally for free on Earache’s website.

Savage Messiah’s sound is a modern interpretation of Thrash Metal, although its hard to explain what that is correctly. It is not a regressive but fun carbon copy of 1980s tones and riffs like Gama Bomb and Municipal Waste play it, and it is not in the Metalcore fused mixture with which bands like Trivium and Shadows Fall play it either.

They are a bit technical and rhythmic, not given to writing short songs, and they do have a slightly Melodeath sound at times, but the overall sound is Thrash. Thrash, with a really varied range of vocal styles, from Mustaine-esque snarls to Halford-shrieks, throaty shouts and even melodic singing.

Consider, if you have heard them, Exodus’s Rob Dukes era albums, Testament’s last two studio albums and Megadeath’s recent output only without any gang-chanting backing vocals used. Then imagine what Arch Enemy would sound like if they used more of the types of scales and notes that American bands use and less of the ones that Continental European bands favour. Try and mix all those things up in your head, and that should give you a vague idea.

If any of that sounds appealing to you then I recommend that you check out the album. It is a really well-written, well-produced and well-performed modern album with a lot of variety, good riffs, talented vocals and an absolute tonne of brilliant virtuosic lead guitar work. I’d wager you are never more than thirty seconds away from a really impressive guitar solo or lead-break.

No matter if you like twin guitar harmonies, slayer-style wailing or impressive shred then you should still love this album, because they mix all of those styles and do each well.

Highlights include the proggy `Architects Of Fear,’ as well as `All Seeing Eye’ and the thrashy `Carnival Of Souls.’

Overall, if you are into any of the aforementioned bands or styles, and want to listen to a perfectly crafted and musically impressive modern metal album then I would absolutely recommend Savage Messiah’s Plague Of Conscience.

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