Celebratory Post:

My favourite website for music reviews on the internet is Amazon Dot Co Dot Uk, I’ve been writing reviews there since 2006, and it is the one site that I care about the most to the point where collecting helpful votes on it has become a minor hobby of mine, in the same way that getting trophies/achievements on videogames can be. Not a hobby in the same way as music or gaming itself, but a fun little sub-hobby.

Anyway, today my review of Thick As A Brick 2 by Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson clocked up its 100th helpful vote on Amazon Dot Co Dot Uk, which is my first 100 vote review ever here. The same review has 153 votes on Amazon Dot Com (I post on dot com as well as of two years ago) but it just feels more gratifying to get 100 on Dot Co Dot UK, where I started and where I actually use the most to find out if products are good or not from other user’s reviews.

Anyway; That nice round number of 100 pleased me enough to make this little post in celebration.

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