Another Celbratory Post:

Regular readers will know how much I enjoy nice round numbers. Today’s Riverside ADHD review marked my 500th album review accepted by Amazon dot co dot uk.

Ok, it isn’t my 500th review ever; I had written some more that didn’t get accepted (such as Fear Factory’s Demanufacture, and a few Napalm Death ones) back between 2006 and 2007, until I figured out that I should write them in word before submitting them, as back then, Amazon didn’t just put up reviews right away. (Actually, come to think of it I still don’t know if the site just changed, or if you earn that privilege when you pass a certain number of reviews or helpful votes or something)

Also I used to write hilariously dreadful and cliched reviews of Thrash Metal albums on a little hobby site from 2004-2007, (It was called Thrash Assault – check it out if you want to, its sooooo bad. It also commits just about every thing I dislike about reviews now as an adult, and proves my point that it is possible to stop writing this way if you just think about it.)

…but anyway, this marks my official 500th review for Amazon dot co dot uk, so it gets a post.




  1. I mentally logged that you had 499. Hooray for Jimmy!

    A) Do that one you were talking the other day about my tastes or whatever
    B) You had an entire website for like 4 years and never told me about it?!


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