Savatage – Power Of The Night Review

Savatage - Power Of The Night

Savatage – Power Of The Night

Power Of The Night is the second full-length studio album by the American Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal band Savatage, which was produced by Max Norman and released in 1985, following up their 1983 debut album Sirens and their 1984 EP The Dungeons Are Calling.

Stylistically; as opposed to the conceptual, symphonic, piano filled, Progressive Metal sound that the band would later adopt, or the commercial sound of the Fight For The Rock album which the band veered into just once; this album is more in the vein of their debut album.

The sound in question is somewhere around the point where classic metal becomes early Power Metal while sounding close to, but not quite Thrash Metal yet (although ‘Washed Out’ is kind of reminiscent of the first two Overkill albums).

As an album, Power Of The Night is good, but it isn’t perfect. In terms of songwriting, its not the most creative or memorable thing that the band have ever done, and there are a few tracks that don’t stand up all that well against the best of the band’s catalogue. The production isn’t exactly fantastic either and so the songs don’t jump out at you as energetically as they do on say, Hall Of The Mountain King.

That being said however, there is still a lot to like about the album and if you like the band its worth checking out. Standout tracks include the Title Track with its memorable lead riff; ‘Hard For Love’ which is an out of place Kiss-esque Hard Rock number with hilariously cheesy sexually suggestive lyrics and the big ballady album closer ‘In The Dream’ which has an absolutely fabulous guitar solo.

Overall; Power Of The Night is an interesting album and worth considering for your collection. There are better Savatage albums to start with admittedly, but if you enjoy the Jon’s voice or Chris’ distinctive riff and solo sounds and want to hear them play some direct, to the point, powerful classic metal then its definitely worth picking up.

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