My Favourite Songs:

I’ve had a Top Tens and Lists section of this blog since its inception, and today I was updating my list of favourite songs. I thought I’d post it here. I recommend that you listen to all of these songs.


List Of Songs Which Have, At One Point Or Another, Been My Favorite Song:


– Hung Drawn and Quartered, Stalingrad, Flash to Bang Time, Revolution, Against the World, Twist of Fate, The Quick and the Dead


– Justified

American Headcharge

– Loyalty

Amon Amarth

– Runes To My Memory, Twilight Of The Thunder God


– Allison Hell


– A.I.R, Lone Justice, Medusa, Belly Of The Beast, One Man Stands, Safe Home,

Arctic Monkeys

– You Probably Couldn’t See For The Lights But You Were Looking Straight At Me , Still Take You Home, From The Ritz To The Rubble, Settle For A Draw, Teddy Picker, Do Me A Favour, My Propeller, Don’t Sit Down Cuz I’ve Moved Your Chair, R U Mine,

At The Drive In

– Invalid Litter Department


– Shadow On The Sun, Exploder


Teeth On A Cogwheel, Take My Bones Away, Back Where I Belong, Sea Lungs, Board Up The House, Psalms Alive, Stretchmaker, The Line Between


– Killamangiro, A’rebours, Back From the Dead, Baddie’s Boogie,


– Sellout, Plastic, Kill Or Be Killed, Break It Away From Me

Black Country Communion

– Black Country, One Last Soul, No Time, The Outsider, Man In The Middle, The Battle For Hadrian’s Wall, Cry Freedom,

Black Sabbath

– You Won’t Change Me, Junior’s Eyes, Heaven And Hell, Wishing Well


– Warped, Good Morning,

Bring Me The Horizon

– It Was Written in Blood, Death Breath, Diamond’s Aren’t Forever, Suicide Season, Crucify Me, It Never Ends, Fuck, Don’t Go, Visions, Blacklist,


– Lady Fantasy, Rhayader

Cannibal Corpse

– Stripped Raped And Strangled, Compelled To Lacerate, Decency Defied, Nothing Left To Mutilate, Rotten Body Landslide


– In The Land Of Grey And Pink, Winter Wine


– Powertrip, Save Ourselves, Left For Dead, The Flame, The Venom Inside, Secrets Of The Dead, The Dissapearing Sun


Animal Farm, The Elephant Riders, The Soap Makers, Raised By Horses, The Mob Goes Wild, The Incomparable Mr. Flannery, Buring Beard, Subtle Hustle, You Cant Stop Progress, The Devil And Me, 50000 Unstoppable Watts, Minotaur, Freakonomics, Sleestack Lightning

Coheed And Cambria

– A Favour House Atlantic, Welcome Home, Apollo 1: The Writing Writer, The Suffering, No World For Tomorrow, The Hound Of Blood And Rank, Gravemakers And Gunslingers, On The Brink, The Broken, Guns Of Summer, Here We Are Juggernaut, Far, Key Entity Extraction I: Domino the Destitute, The Afterman, Mothers of Men, Goodnight Fair Lady, Key Entity Extraction IV: Evagria the Faithful

Corrosion Of Conformity

– Dance Of The Dead, Albatross, Redemption City, The Door, Zippo, Who’s Got The Fire

Deep Purple

– Bloodsucker, Fireball, No One Came, Pictures Of Home, Smoke On The Water, You Cant Do It Right, Commin’ Home, Knocking At Your Back Door


– Bible Basher, Standing In The Flames

Devil Driver

– I’ve Been Sober

Dew Scented

– Unconditional, Locked In Motion, Act Of Rage,

Diamond Head

– Its Electric


– Caught In The Middle, King Of Rock N Roll, Overlove

Dirty Pretty Things

– Deadwood, Blood Thirsty Bastards, Last of the Small Town Playboys, One To My Left,


– Prayer, Rise


– Stained Glass Cross, Lifer, New Orleans Is A Dying Whore, Stone The Crow, Witchtripper, Misfortune Teller, Open Coffins,


– Crimson Highway, From Fire Fell, Big Sky Theory,


– Living Sin, Karn Evil 9, Pirates


– Demon, Say it in Slugs, Chief Rebel Angel, Eye for an I, Young Man Nihilist, That’s When I Became a Satanist, Nobodaddy, Flexing Muscles


– Bonded By Blood, Brain Dead, Chemi-Kill, Fabulous Disaster, Children Of A Worthless God

Faith No More

– From Out Of Nowhere, Caffeine, The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies, Stripsearch, Ashes To Ashes,

Fear Factory

– Demanufacture, Edgecrusher, Linchpin, What Will Become? Corporate Cloning, Archetype, 540,000 Degrees Fahrenheit,

Five Finger Death Punch

– Ashes, The Bleeding, Crossing Over, Bad Company, Over And Under, 100 Ways To Hate, Succubus,


– My Letter, You’ve Changed


– Forbidden Evil, March Into Fire


– Honey Hush, Fool For The City

The Fratellis

– Chelsea Dagger, Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy, My Friend John

Gamma Ray

– Rich And Famous, Rebellion In Dreamland, Man On A Mission, Men Martians And Machines, Valley Of The Kings, Heart Of The Unicorn


– Get Em Out By Friday, Can Utility And The Coast Liners, Suppers Ready, Dancing With the Moonlit Knight, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, In The Cage,

Gentle Giant

– Why Not? , Wreck, Plain Truth, The Advent Of Panurge, A Cry For Everyone, In A Glass House, Proclamation, The Face, Freehand, Mountain Time, Memories Of Old Days,


– Don’t Leave Me, Long View, Brat, Brain Stew, Walking Contradiction, Hitchin a Ride, Fashion Victim, Deadbeat Holiday, Hold On, Minority, Desensitized, Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Give Me Novacaine, Homecoming, Watsername

Guns n Roses

– Nighttrain, Think About You, Civil War, You Could Be Mine, Better, Prostitute,


– Proven, Perseverance, A Call For Blood, Destroy Everything, Spitting Venom, In Ashes They Shall Reap, Every Lasting Scar,


– Crazy On You, White Lightning And Wine, Devil Delight, Kick It Out, Barracuda, Raised On You,


– Trouble With A Capital T, Sure The Boy Was Green, Homesick


– Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Futerworld, I Want Out, Rise And Fall, Dr. Stein

Iron Maiden

– Hallowed Be Thy Name, Where Eagle Dare, Flight Of Icarus, Powerslave, Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, The Clairvoyant, Public Enema Number One, Fates Warning, Ghost Of The Navigator, Dream Of Mirrors, Brave New World, Blood Brothers, Dance Of Death, No More Lies, Paschendale

Jethro Tull

– A New Day Yesterday, Sweet Dream, Aqualung, Cross Eyed Mary, Up To Me, Locomotive Breath, Tick As A Brick, A Passion Play, Queen and Country, Sealion, Cold Wind To Vallhala, Minstrel In The Gallery, Heavy Horses, Something’s On The Move, Fallen On Hard Times, Flying Colours, Roots To Branches, Banker Bets And Banker Wins

Jetplane Landing

– This Is Not Revolution Rock, I Opt Out, Brave Gravity, Writing The Ways Down, There Is No Real Courage’

Jimi Hendrix

– Highway Chile, 51st Anniversary, Little Wing, Gypsy Eyes, House Burning Down, All Along The Watchtower, Freedom, Room Full Of Mirrors, Machine Gun, Hear My Train A Commin’

Judas Priest

– Victim Of Changes, Dissident Aggressor, Beyond The Realms Of Death, Killing Machine, Living After Midnight, Take These Chains, You’ve Got Another Thing Coming, Electric Eye, Parental Guidance, Ram It Down, Judas Rising,

Killswitch Engage

– Fixation Of Darkness, My Last Serenade, The End Of Heartache, This Is Absolution, The Arms Of Sorrow, Never Again, Reckoning,

King Crimson

– 21st Century Schizoid Man, Exiles, Lament, Fallen Angel, Neal and Jack and Me, Three of a Perfect Pair, The Construkction Of Light, Prozakc Blues, The Power To Believe (A’capella) Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With,


– Deuce, Strutter, Black Diamond, C’Mon And Love Me, Detroit Rock City, Beth, God Of Thunder, Hard Luck Woman, I Want You, Calling Dr. Love, Love Gun, Save Your Love, Dirty Livin, Psycho Circus, I Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock N Roll, Modern Day Delilah


– Blind, Got The Life, Dead Bodies Everywhere, Trash, Make Me Bad, Somebody Someone Here To Stay


– People Of The Lie, Violent Revolution, Hordes Of Chaos


– Thumb, Deamon Cleaner, Hurricane

Lamb Of God

– Ruin, Vigil, Laid To Rest, Omerta, One Gun, Redneck, Pathetic, Decending, Blacken The Cursed Sun, Set To Fail, Contractor, Grace, To The End

Led Zeppelin

– Heart Breaker, Immigrant Song, Black Dog, Stairway To Heaven, The Ocean, The Rover, Trampled Underfoot, Night Flight, Achilles Last Stand, We’re Gonna Groove,

The Libertines

– Death On The Stairs, Time For Heroes, Tell The King, The Good Old Days, Don’t Look Back Into The Sun, Can’t Stand Me Now, Lat Post On The Bugle, The Man Who Would Be King, The Ha Ha Wall, Road To Ruin, What Became Of The Likely Lads, All At Sea, Never Never, Plan A, Seven Deadly Sins, The Delaney, Skag And Bone Man,

Limp Bizkit

– Just Like This, Break Stuff, My Generation, Full Nelson, Livin’ It Up,

Lynyrd Skynyrd

– Simple Man, Poison Whiskey, The Needle And The Spoon, Saturday Night Special, Gimme Back My Bullets, Double Trouble, Searching, Traveling Man, That Smell,

Machine Head

– Davidian, Take My Scars, Nothing Left, Bulldozer, Crashing Around You, Trephination, Supercharger, Wipe the Tears, Slanderous, Aesthetics Of Hate, Locust, Who We Are

Marilyn Manson

– Irresponsible Hate Anthem, The Beautiful People, Dried Up, Tied Up and Dead To The World, Tourniquet, Deformography, Angel With The Scabbed Wings, Antichrist Superstar, 1996, Minute of Decay, The Reflecting God, Rock Is Dead, I Don’t Like The Drugs, New Model No 15, Astonishing Panorama Of The End Times, The Love Song, The Fight Song, The Death Song, Disposable Teens, Born Again, Burning Flag, Hey Cruel World

The Mars Volta

– Frances The Mute, Day Of The Baphomets, Goliath, Since We’ve Been Wrong, Cotapxi, With Twilight As My Guide, Vedamalady, Zed And Two Naughts


– Crusher Destroyer, March Of The Fire Ants, Workhorse, Mother Puncher, Blood and Thunder, I Am Ahab, Megalodon, Naked Burn, The Wolf Is Lose, Crystal Skull, Sleeping Giant, Colony Of Birchmen, This Mortal Soil, Oblivion, The Czar, Curl Of The Burl


– Killing Is My Business’, Rattlehead, Mechanix, Wake Up Dead, Peace Sells, Devils Island, My Last Words, Set The World Afire, In My Darkest Hour, Hook In Mouth, Rust in Peace…Polaris, Symphony Of Destruction, Architecture Of Aggression, Countdown To Extinction, A Tout Le Monde, The Killing Road, 99 Ways To Die, 1000 Times Goodbye, Dread And The Fugitive Mind, Return To Hangar, Blackmail The Universe, Kick The Chair, Back In The Day, Washington Is Next, This Day We Fight, Endgame,


– Ride The Lightening, Fade To Black, Creeping Death, Battery, Master Of Puppets, Blackened, …And Justice For All, Eye of the Beholder, Shortest Straw, Some Kind of Monster, Dirty Window, Invisible Kid, My World, Shoot Me Again, The Unnamed Feeling, All Within My Hands, Broken Beaten Scarred,

Monster Magnet
– Kiss Of The Scorpion, Tractor, See You In Hell, Black Balloon, Wall Of Fire, Medicine 2001, Bummer, Take It, Bored With Sorcery,

– (We Are) The Roadcrew


– Dig, -1, Under My Skin, Everything And Nothing, Not Falling, World So Cold, Mercy Severity, Just


– Solitaire/Unraveling, Mother Machine Gun, One More Day

Napalm Death

– Hung, Plague Rages, Greed Killing, Breed To Breathe, Incendiary Incoming, Thanks For Nothing, Can’t Play Won’t Play, Necessary Evil, The Great And The Good,


– Negative Creep, New Wave Polly, Lithium, Lounge Act, Scentless Apprentice, Dumb, Very Ape, All Apologies, The Man Who Sold The World, You Know You’re Right


– Walk, Fucking Hostile, This Love, Hollow, Strength Beyond Strength, Becoming, I’m Broken, The Great Southern Trendkill, Suicide Note prt. 2, Living Through Me, The Underground In America, Hellbound, Goddam Electric, Revolution Is My Name, We’ll Grind That Axe For A Long Time, I’ll Cast A Shadow

Pearl Jam

– Jeremy, Why Go, Animal, Daughter, Glorified G, Rear View Mirror, Elderly Woman Behind’ , Indifference, In My Tree, Mankind, Brian Of J, Given To Fly, Sad, Down, Just Breathe, Force Of Nature,

A Perfect Circle

– Pet, A Stranger

Pink Floyd

– Set The Controls’ , Fat Old Sun, Echoes, The Gold Its In The…., Time, The Great Gig In The Sky, Wish You Were Hear, Dogs, Comfortably Numb, The Gunner’s Dream, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes,

Powerman 5000
– Supernova Goes Pop, Blast Off To Nowhere, Danger Is Go, Free, Action, That’s Entertainment, Heroes And Villains,

Keep Yourself Alive, The Great King Rat, The Seven Seas Of Rhye, Brighton Rock, I’m In Love With My Car, Death On Two Legs, You & I, Spread Your Wings, Let Me Entertain You, Keep On Time, Hammer To Fall,

Queen Of The Reich, Warning, En Force, Revolution Calling, Operation Mindcrime, Speak, Spreading The Disease, The Needle Lies, Bridge, My Global Mind, Murderer?


– Regular John, If Only, How To Handle A Rope, Quick And To The Pointless, God Is In The Radio, Do It Again, Little Sister, Burn The Witch, Turning On The Screw, I’m Designer, Sick Sick Sick, 3’s And 7’s,


– Know Your Enemy, Bulls On Parade, Sleep Now In The Fire, No Shelter,


– 15 Step, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Lotus Flower


– Hyperactive


– El Empe, Alchemy Alice, Eidolon Alpha, Scisorlips, Turning Sheep Into Goats, Systematomatic, River Of Glass, Keyhole In The Sky, Downhill, Feathergun In The Garden Of The Sun, Katshusika, Weevil Bride

Roger Waters

– 5.01: The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking


– 2112, Xanadu, Closer To The Heart, Cygnus X-1 Book 2: Hemispheres, The Trees, Free Will, Tom Sawyer, Limelight

Serj Tankian

– Lie Lie Lie, Figure It Out


– Hall Of The Mountain King, Believe, Castles Burning

Shadows Fall

– What Drives The Weak, Still I Rise, King Of Nothing


– What’s Up Mr. Zero?


– Crionics, Post Mortom, Raining Blood, Blood Red, Seasons In The Abyss, Death’s Head, Stain Of Mind, Disciple, New Faith, Bloodline, Here Comes The Pain, Payback, Scarstruck, Flesh Storm,


– (sic), Eyeless, Wait and Bleed, Surfacing, Spit it Out, Me In Side, Deluded, Only One, Snap, People=Shit, DisasterPiece, Everything Ends, The Heretic Anthem, Gently, Left Behind, I Am Hated, Skin Ticket, Metabolic, Circle, Welcome, Pulse Of The Maggots, The Virus of Life, The Nameless, Scream, Snuff,


– Halo


– Bumklaatt, Pain, Downstroy, Prophecy, Living Sacrifice, Mars

Stone Sour

– Get Inside


– Hunting High And Low


– Know, War? Sugar, Devil, Needles, Deer Dance, Jet Pilot, Atwa, Shimmy, Toxicity, A.D.D, Mr. Jack, Roulette, Violent Pornography, BYOB, Sad Statue, Old School Hollywood, Lost In Hollywood, Holy Mountain,


– The Preacher, Disciples Of The Watch, Practice What You Preach, The Legacy, More Than Meets The Eye


– Stinkfist, Eulogy, H. Hooker With A Penis, Aenima, Parabola, Lateralus, Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot, 10,000 Days


– Pull Harder’ , A Gunshot’ , Becoming The Dragon, And Sadness Will Sear, Insurrection, Torn Between Scylla And Charrybdis, In Waves


– Your Move’, Your Is No Disgrace, Roundabout, South Side Of The Sky, Siberian Khatru, The Gates Of Delirium,


– Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder


– Core Solution, Subtle Manipulation, Disintegrate.

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