Riverside – Memories In My Head EP Review

Riverside – Memories In My Head EP

2011’s Memories In My Head EP by the Polish Progressive band Riverside is a three-track installment of new material released to commemorate the band’s ten-year anniversary.

Stylistically, its probably their least Metal sounding effort since their debut, and it drops a lot of the Deep Purple colour from ADHD, so much so that some people have called it a return to the sound of their debut. The material is fairly slow building, understated and spacey. It isn’t the most exciting or dynamic material that the band have ever produced, but it’s a nice little half-hour addition to the band’s overall catalogue for fans who just want a bit more Riverside.

Even though the band have released better and more interesting music than this, Memories In My Head is by no means a poor effort. It’s a grower, and may take a few listens to get the most out of. Its slightly more atmospheric, restrained and reflective than the last few albums but there’s certainly some interesting music on offer if you give it a chance.

Overall, this isn’t an absolutely essential purchase and I wouldn’t recommend that it be the first Riverside release you pick up (go for a full-length studio album instead) but if you’re a big fan its definitely worth picking up.

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