Riverside – Voices In My Head EP

Riverside - Voices In My Head

Riverside – Voices In My Head

Voices In My Head is an early EP by the fantastic Polish Progressive Band Riverside, which has been released a few times. If you get the more recent versions, there are usually a music video for ‘Acronym Love’ and three live tracks of songs from their debut album, Out Of Myself, included in addition to the five studio tracks which make up the EP.

Despite the time of the EP’s release, its lyrics do not form a part of the Reality Dream concept trilogy that is formed from the bands first three full-length studio albums.

Stylistically, for the most part, the music is pretty direct, a bit less complex and a bit shorter than the average Riverside song, but of a remarkably high quality. It is less Metal sounding than the Material which the band would release afterwards.

The EP starts off with a beautiful acoustic number called ‘Us,’ and carries on in the somber mood with the slow, piano lead number ‘Acronym Love’ which is a melancholic track with some absolutely superb Floyd-esque lead guitar.

‘Dna Ts. Rednum or F. Raf’ comes in at over seven minutes as the longest track on this EP, it’s a moody and atmospheric number with a sort of hypnotic building feel and an electronic sounding drumbeat mixed into the music not too disimilarly to how their single ’02 Panic Room’ did.

‘The Time I Was Daydreaming’ comes next, which is another nice soft number with acoustic guitars and a sort of Porcupine Tree feel. Mariusz’s voice is especially impressive on this track. Its my personal favourite on the EP and as good as anything on their Studio albums. Even if you don’t pick up the EP I’d recommend you at least try out this track.

The EP closes out (excluding any bonus tracks) with ‘Stuck Between’ which is sort of like a combination of all the moods that have been displayed so far. It’s the sort of thing that would actually fit on commercial daytime radio, but which is beautiful and impressive anyway, sort of like the more recent Anathema albums.

Overall; Voices In My Head is a brief, but interesting and enjoyable addition to any Riverside fan’s collection. There is a lot going on in the music, Michal Lapaj’s keyboard and piano work is on full display and it shows an extra dimension to the band, and as a whole the EP doesn’t feel low quality or unnecessary. If you like the band already, then give this a shot if you can find it for a fair price.

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