I haven’t posted an actual blog post in a very long time. So here goes, I think 2013 will be a very good year for music. for my tastes at least.

Riverside, Bring Me The Horizon, Hatebreed, Clutch, Coheed And Cambria all have albums out early in the year. All of them seems to be brilliant according to the reviews I’ve read. Riverside’s definitely is, I’ve bought it. Soon after there’s another Down EP due, and their last one was great. A grower. Killswitch Engange have a new record out. The Metal Hammer Podcast suggest its absolutely brilliant.

Rush and Gamma Ray have Blu Rays coming out too. Arctic Monkeys have a DVD (hopefully Blu too)
There’s the slim proposition of new Metallica and Tool albums from those two time-taking bands. There’s a confirmed new Megadeth album and a confirmed new Deep Purple album, both of which I have high hopes for based on their last albums. Queensryche will put out their first album with Todd, and the album teasers online make it sound amazing.

Then there’s all the stuff that’ll be out later in the year with a bit of luck. Annihilator, Black Sabbath, Chimaira, Devildriver, Entombed, Exodus, Five Finger Death Punch, Red Fang, Slayer maybe even a new Mastodon or Iron Maiden album.

That’s not to mention the possibility of band’s I haven’t heard of yet.

And a new Fratellis and Arctic Monkeys album too. Maybe with a bit of luck either a new Babyshambles album or a Libertines reunion.

Yeah, it seems that for definite, the start of this year is awesome, and with a bit of luck, it’ll continue to be a very good year indeed.

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    • Also, regarding your CDs blog. Yeah, I still buy CDs, but 99% are off Amazon too. I use iTunes for albums when I’m in a weird mood and want to buy an album at midnight, but mostly I use it for getting BSides and rarities, and albums are bought in CD format.


      • That’s interesting. Just with the store going into administration, different thoughts were roaming in my head – they came out in my blog post, just senseless rambling I guess.

        I use iTunes for, say, when an album is much cheaper on there when compared to the price of the CD. That seems to be a good option for me – cheapness.

        I think eventually CDs will become much like Vinyl is now in future years, and that is just bought as a collectors item.


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