Music Thieves Whinging On The Internet

I’ve been reading a lot of different stuff about the decline of the music industry recently, from Industry personnel, journalists, fan’s blogs and from bands themselves.

I enjoy reading reasonable arguments, facts and educated speculation. One thing I have really come to dislike however, are the fans in the comments section who kick off with abuse whenever the subject comes up.

There are lots of recurring themes. Themes about no one buying CDs anymore because they are rubbish. Now, I still buy CDs.
I don’t care so much if the band profit from them or not, I like the actual CDs. I know fine rightly that buying a CD gives the band about a penny, its not about them, I just enjoy the collection of discs, like a stamp collector. Plenty of people don’t like them however, and that’s fine too. What I’m sick of reading, is someone young who never tried CDs out, or someone older who wants the music CDs have to offer but wants to spend the money that getting that music would cost on other things, yet still have the music, getting defensive, aggressive and offensive about the subject of CDs. I don’t want to read abusive messages written by defensive tweens who can’t accept personal responsibility.

Admittedly, if you want music AND expensive brand name products, you should have to make a choice and do without one for the one that you want the most. Should, but its not going to happen. People with AIDs should never have sex, and people at high risk of catching HIV should abstain from sex until the danger has passed, but that isn’t going to happen either, and people die at those stakes, so people just aren’t reasonable to begin with.

Another recurring theme, is artists coming out and damning not only their fans, but people who would never have been their fans anyway, for not buying music in old ways. Sometimes people in band’s act too entitled to earn a living doing it, when artists in other mediums who are more talented never get to make a living out of their art. Maybe you aren’t good enough to have that many people support your art !? Maybe you are, but talent isn’t the only thing that creates success. Get over your own ego and sell out if you want money. Work as Lady GaGa’s backing band if you truly do just want to play music for a living. You can make more artistic stuff in your own time.
Those artists are being a bit foolish.

What I really hate though, is when an artist is asked, not volunteering whinging to the public sphere, but ASKED about the state of the music industry, that artist provides a non-entitled opinion on illegal downloads or CDs, and the abuse kicks off anyway.
Sometimes fans get so stupid and defensive about illegal downloads and just insult or diminish any artist who simply wishes they had more money, just so the fat lazy cheapskates don’t have to feel bad about breaking the rules.

I wish people could just own up to their own bullshit. I’d rather see an honest ‘I stole your album because I want to spend my money on beer, which is more difficult to steal ‘ instead of the usual ‘Get with the times grandad, no one buys music anymore because we’re so smart and technologically advanced’ lie.

Everyone working in music is entitled to wish that you can still make money out of music easily, fans should just accept they are thieves and get on with it, instead of constantly twisting reality to protect their ego and stay “the good guy.” Its not as if those artists are deluded 1980s Megastars DEMANDING more money unrealistically fighting against the tide, the people in the comments section should see the distinction.

When you are working in a supermarket, wishing you earned two-quid more an hour, people all around don’t start saying you’re bad at your job and they only buy eggs off of Amazon anyway, you fag! …No. You can wish all you want, it doesn’t make you a prick, and it doesn’t make you bad at what you do. If you haven’t done your job properly in years, and start shouting abuse at people in the carpark to come in and spend more money, because you in your own mind “deserve it,” then you’re a prick. There’s a distinction.

I guess it all comes down to being impolite. Why can’t anonymous teenagers on the internet just act polite to one another?
Why can’t they just all get along. If they’re going to steal music, why can’t they stop acting like the artists are the ones in the wrong?

I’ve said many times that I’d stop reading the comments section on Youtube and Blabbermouth, I wish I could stick to that. There’s no point wishing people would act politely, reasonably or even logically there. Its just a magnet for horrible people, acting horribly, and acting aggrieved by the actions and opinions of people who act rationally.

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  1. In relation to your last paragraph, there’s a plugin for Youtube that blocks the comments so you CAN’T read them, and Blabbermouth has a dropdown RSS feed so you can literally just read the headlines. Not like their articles have content worth reading beyond that.

    In relation to your ALL OTHER PARAGRAPH: yes. Very good.


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