You Wait For A Bus And Shit Metaphors Come:

As regular readers may know, ever since my First Impressions article on Operation Mindcrime, Queensryche have become one of my favourite bands and I’ve listened to them more than anyone else all year. Check my Last Fm if you want .

Anyway. They put out a new teaser:


New music from Queensryche (Todd La Torre Version). It sounds like the heavier stuff from Operation Mindcrime 2. Hooray.

Additionally, news broke this week that the new Queensryche (Geoff Tate version) album has PAUL BOSTAPH on the drums.

His work with Testament, Exodus, Slayer (GHUA in particular, admittedly) and Forbidden all happens to be my favourite album from those artists. Whats more, the guitar on the new Geoff-version-Queensryche is done by Forbidden’s guitarist. Its like they knew I was going to become a fan, and so gave me two albums instead of one, and give me one of my longest held favourite drummers.

It would’ve been cool if they had’ve just been able to write a brilliant new album and stay friends and talented and whatever else, but since there was a fracture, this is the best outcome for this particular fan. The only way it could get better is if they took Rishloo out on tour with them and played in my city.

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