Curiosity: Self Promotion & Procrastination

Today I got curios as to all the people you see online who shamelessly self-promote and post links where they aren’t wanted and where it seems futile to bother promoting. I wondered if it actually makes a difference.

This Blog has always been for me and my friends, and for any other nerds like me out there online to stumble onto. However. I turned the publicize option on for the first time in Blog’s three year history this week. I don’t even know why I did, I don’t particualrly even want some of the people on my facebook feed to read my Blog. Its not for them. Its for nerds who like Metal in a really specific way.

But anyway I’ve spent a large part of my weekend writing essays and I’ve taken a semi-earned procrastination break to randomly decide about and then implement, the shameless self-promotion of my pet project, the List of 500 albums that would help a Metal fan understand all kinds of Metal better, and their relationships with one another.

I posted a link to it on about four places before.

The band Periphery got a hold of it and put it on their facebook feed, and that got me about 30,000 views. That’s my favourite thing to have happened about this whole blog business in general apart from when I asked Metal Hammer Podcast presenter Stephen Hill any albums that the list could do with including, back when it was a work-in-progress, and he actually answered and helped!

But, as I sit here, avoiding re-starting my essays, I reflected upon those two things, and decided, what would happen if I did that again, on a bigger scale?

So, as much as its completely against all of my personality and tastes, I’ve placed up links on the facebook pages of Pantera & Slayer, on Kerrang and Metal Injection, and about 10 other metal fan group and meme pages on facebook. Since I’ve also been listening to a lot of Smodco podcasts lately, I even started a twitter page, just to tweet the list to Kevin Smith.

So, the waiting game I guess… does all this distasteful and crude self promotion actually translate into more views? or was I correct to dislike it in the first place… I’ll let you know.

In the mean time, I have essays to write.


Woops. I got blocked from facebook for 15 days for spamming. Well, Lesson learned. lol.


  1. I reckon you’re too quick to apologise for things you only think you have to apologise for. They’re just links. If other people’s are annoying you, it doesn’t mean yours will annoy everyone else. I’ve always said you should promote the blog more.


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