All This Internet Negativity About Radio Friendly Metal Bands:

I’ve already discussed that the Metal-Internet-Culture could do with dropping all its nasty homophobic language when people want to insult bands that they dislike.

Here’s a thing though. Why do people seem so very, very opposed to any Metal bands with a bit of success or a bit of money, or more fans than usual?

What exactly is wrong with Melodic over-comercial Radio-friendly Metal bands succeeding anyway? I’m not saying you should like them, I’m just saying maybe you should stop being quite so venomous in your opposition to them. We need. Nobody gets into Metal through Necrosadistic Goat Tortue; We need pop-Metal to get people into good Metal, so that there is enough interest and therfore money to keep things going.

Ok. So its the 80s and you don’t like Poison, its the 90s and you don’t like Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit, or its nowadays and you don’t like Bring Me The Horizon, Five Finger Death Punch or Bullet For My Valentine. Fair enough. But those bands helped you get into Metal, and they helped Metal stay economically viable enough so that you could keep enjoying it. You hear a few commercial songs and like them, you pay more attention to Metal overall, you get exposed to some semi-commercial stuff, if you like it you delve deeper, and get exposed to “credible” stuff. And hey presto, the “credible” bands have more fans, so they can afford to make a new album you end up enjoying, or play a show close enough to you that you can attend, or get into a Magazine for you to learn more about them.

You need these sorts of bands to sell magazines (which also feature good bands) and tours (where good bands can support) and advertising time on TV channels (which can show good bands in between all the commercial stuff) and sell records (so that studios, producers, and yes, smaller record companies can stay in operation and good bands can get to use them, or at least the associated benefits of them existing, such as tour managers and tour advertisements and whatever else) so that all around, all the good, artistic and heavy bands can etch out a living behind them.

If only the bands who were respectable enough to please the Death-To-False-Metal internet troll crowd existed, all the bands they actually do like would have to break up due to being penniless, because the platforms on which their careers are built would crumble and fade without the commercial bands bringing in new fans and money. Its an economic necessity for the health of Metal overall that there are light, catchy and yes even gimmicky bands bringing in the cash.

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