Things I Dislike / A Suggestion For Change:

Have you ever read the comments section on Youtube or Blabbermouth and noticed the thousands and thousands of comments with nasty and essentially homohpobic language there?

Have you ever wanted to insult a band that you think are un-metal or posers or too commercial or uncool whatever? Have you decided to call them ‘Fags,’ ‘Queers’ or ‘Benders’ or call their album ‘Gay’ or demand they ‘Stop their faggotry’ or whatever else.

If you are still so full of adolescent passion for music and haven’t yet grown to generally be accepting and open-minded about different types of music, motivations for making music and presentations of artists, then why chose to express it in this homophobic way?

Its become a staple of young Metal fans to use this sort of language, and really, its just inappropriate. Just because it already happens, new people are continuing it and perpetuating the problem. Why don’t we chose to stop acting this way and make very slight adjustments so as not to be so needlessly offensive?

Assuming you are not an actual homophobe (if you are, I guess this isn’t going to convince you to change your mind), and have gay relatives, friends, classmates, co-workers, employers or heroes (eg. Rob Halford) then why keep using all the anti-gay language online?

I get you want to insult a band you dislike, I remember how that felt. My suggestion however is just that you reword it. Imagine a world where you get into Rock music and all the fans are calling the bands the ‘N Word’ just because they sold out or aren’t heavy. It’d be ludicrous.

You want to insult a band? Then just call them ‘stupid’ or ‘rubbish’ or ‘crap’ or any number of regular, every-day insults that aren’t associated with hatespeak. I mean, I’ve seen the South Park episode that makes the point that some people are just used to talking that way, and don’t mean anything hateful by it, its just a convenient insult etc. But at the same time, its plenty convenient to just call something ‘shit’ as it is to call it ‘Gay shit.’

You see a Metal band with a glam aesthetic and radio choruses, why not try ‘Lightweight’ or ‘Silly’ instead of ‘bunch of faggots’? It still communicates they aren’t as credible as Slayer, but without appearing as if Metal fans are all gay-bashers.

Its disheartening to think of all the tribal and communal benefits about metal that everyone likes to talk about, to see people in documentaries tout the unity and brotherhood and all that stuff that supposedly makes Metal fans so great, and then see that all come falling down every single time you look on the comments sections and see that we look as if gay people aren’t welcome.

So. I guess, Please stop using homophobic language unnecessarily, you’re making us all look like assholes. If you’ve got to insult something, just use a normal insult please.

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