Black Label Society – 1919 Eternal Review

Black Label Society - 1919 Eternal

Black Label Society – 1919 Eternal

In 2002, American Heavy Metal band Black Label Society released their 1919 Eternal album, which was dedicated to the memory of BLS mainman Zack Wylde’s late father.

1919 Eternal is something of a turning point in the band’s career. The two albums which preceded it were fairly raw, straightforward and a bit doomier. 1919 Eternal sees the band writing a much more varied set of songs, with more ballads, a slightly less Stoner Rock influenced sound and a different approach to the production. Its still heavy, biker and alcohol themed Metal with lots of personality filled lead guitar playing, but taken in a slightly different direction than the band’s earliest work.

There are a real mixture of styles present on tracks here; ‘Speedball’ is an acoustic guitar solo, ‘Battering Ram’ is a furious, fast paced thrasher, ‘Lost Heaven’ is a slower, more atmospheric track, and the album ends with an acoustic cover of ‘America The Beautiful.’

At first, the album may take a bit of getting used to. The production at first made the music seem less heavy than I was expecting, and the variety of music on offer makes the album slightly hard to pigeonhole, but it’s a real grower of a record, and the more that you listen to it, the more you realize it is a well crafted and interesting collection of early-noughties Metal songs.

Album highlights include the storming live favourites ‘Bezerkers’ and ‘Genocide Junkies’ and the slower groovier ‘Refuse To Bow Down’ and ‘Lords Of Destruction.’

Overall; if you listen to Black Label Society, this is a good and varied album to try out, its not full of filler, its not repetitive and it is a good show of the band’s potential. There are tracks here that no Black Label concert or compilation would look right without, and its pretty much a must-have purchase if you are interested in the band.

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