It finally happened:

I joined LastFm in about summer 2010, when I was in the middle of my biggest Deep Purple phase and right before I got into Judas Priest. Priest and Purple, for the longest, longest time have always been the top two artists on my LastFM account, with others like Devildriver, Coheed & Cambria, Mastodon, Machinehead getting near the top stop when they had new albums out.

Since writing a First Impressions Article about Operation Mindcrime, Queensryche have been one of my absolute favourite bands ever and I listened to them as much in one year as I have to Judas Priest in three years and Monster Magnet in two years.

Last night, Queensryche have finally become my top LastFM artist.

Side Note: Have you noticed Todd is in that picture? I’ve been noticing more and more that most Websites are taking Todd’s side over Geoff’s. Interesting.

Side Note 2: I would Love, Love, Love to have had LastFm installed since birth and to have a true account of how much I listened to what. Are my perceptions true? In my mind I’ve listened to Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Green Day and Jetplane Landing albums in the hundreds of times, and there are other artists (like Devildriver) who I feel I’ve barely listened to at all. I’d love to have statistics on everything and be able to see for sure. But back when I listened to albums on CD (and sometimes cassette) this was not possible, without some kind of prodigious notetaking and massive forethought. I was a fairly late adopter of ripping my CDs to computer, a fairly late adopter of MP3 players and a fairly late adopter of LastFM and so much of the data I’d love to know about is lost to time forever.

I wonder if I listened to Slipknot more than Queensryche. I wonder if I listened to Crack The Skye as much as I think I did. I wonder how accurate my perceptions are. I wonder what surprise album I’ve listened to an absolute tonne of times but don’t realize.

I know I know, Its only a hobby, no need to get all Trainspotter on it. Just a quick thought. Ok. I’m going to go lift weights and listen to the new Queensryche album. Goodbye.

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