Children Of Bodom – Something Wild Review

Children Of Bodom - Something Wild

Children Of Bodom – Something Wild

Something Wild is the debut full-length studio album by the Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Children Of Bodom, it was released in 1997 and re-released in 2002 after the band broke through.

If you like Heavy Metal, virtuosic guitar and keyboard playing, technicality and don’t dislike harsh vocal styles, then Children Of Bodom are definitely a band you should consider trying out. If you like Children Of Bodom, at some stage or other, this is a good album to check out.

The album is a brief, seven-track, 35-minute collection of fast, aggressive, melodic Metal. This album has a lot more of a Neo-Classical vibe than their modern albums and more of a slight Black Metal tinge to it (although still not overwhelmingly so) than anything else they ever made.

It also has a rawer production and some less-expensive sounding keyboard noises than their later works, the combination of all these things makes it a pretty unique release, and while it definitely unmistakably sounds like Bodom, it has ideas and sounds you’d never hear on later releases.

What it does share with later Bodom albums is that it is a constant barrage of Thrash Riffs, Death Riffs, Melodic lead guitar, frequent blistering fast guitar solos (all of which are amazing even at this early stage of the band’s career), speedy double-kicks, interesting fills, the bombast and attitude of Power Metal and Alexi’s instantly recognizable voice.

Its difficult to pick highlights since there’s only seven tracks and they’re all so good, but my personal favourite is ‘Lake Bodom.’ If you wonder whether or not you’d like this album, I recommend you give that track a listen before making the decision.

In Summary; Something Wild is a raw, charming and interesting record, that any Children Of Bodom should find an enjoyable addition to their collection.

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