Get (Into) What You Paid For: Volume 1: Complete

I set myself a challenge, after completing my Alice In Chains First Impression Article, not to buy anymore albums for the rest of the month, and inspired by the excellent Heavy Metal Overload Blog, I decided to share the experience with you readers.

I’m currently listening to Alice In Chain’s Unplugged album as I type this. I’m rather enjoying it. The version of ‘Would?’ is particularly enjoyable. I think its my favourite Alice In Chains song so far anyway, but nonetheless it sounds dark and interesting unplugged.

I succeed in not buying any albums between August 6th and August 31st. In that time I got reacquainted with Periphery’s second album, Silverchair’s debut and the new Queens Of The Stone age album. I also discussed Melechesh’s most recent album which I got as gift on the second last day of the challenge.

Knowing that I’d receive birthday gifts at the end of the challenge really made it easier than usual. Usually I can’t help myself from buying albums. There was a while there when my First Impressions series just started to sounded like a tamer version the Mental breakdown chapter in the autobiography of someone who ended up addicted to shopping. This month however hasn’t seen me go crazy and buy an absolute crap tonne of new music.

I suppose next time I go for a challenge I’ll make it a full month, but I only had the idea after I’d already bought something in August. During the challenge, orders I’d placed online for Two From The Vault by Vision Of Disorder and Better Than Raw by Helloween got cancelled. As predicted, at about 00.03 on September 1st I replaced the orders… I want those records, but I didn’t want to break my challenge.

I also bought a two-pack of Helloween’s The Dark Ride & Rabbit Don’t Come Easy. Hey; I told you I couldn’t help myself.

So that’s my first set finished. I’m thinking of dropping a few Get (Into) What You Paid For posts on non-challenge months too though, for when I feel like Blogging about an old album, look forward to those. Goodbye for now.

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