Hammerfall – Gates Of Dalhalla Blu Ray Review

Hammerfall - Gates Of Dalhalla Blu Ray Review

Hammerfall – Gates Of Dalhalla Blu Ray

Gates Of Dalhalla is a live concert recording by the Swedish Power Metal band Hammerfall, recorded with the Cans/Dronjak/Norgren/Larsson/Johansson line-up and released on Nuclear Blast in 2012. I got the basic Blu-Ray version although its also available in other editions such as on DVD with a two CD set of the audio from the concert.

This is an example of a really good concert movie. No interruptions, no crazy special effects, no overenthusiastic editor making it too busy for you to concentrate, just absolutely superb audiovisual quality and a considered, musician-friendly editing job where you actually get to see the instruments being played. The camera work and picture quality are great, the sound and mix are exemplary and overall its definitely of the better looking and sounding concert Blu-Rays that I’ve seen so far.

The stage and concert-grounds themselves are beautiful and interesting looking, and there’s a tasteful and effective light show, a big Hammerfall logo banner and some fireworks.

There’s a brief and tasteful drum solo that doesn’t drag on too long, there’s guest appearances on a few songs (Stefan Elmgren, Mikael Stanne, Jesper Stromblad, Roger Pontare, Momo Jord & Crucified Barbara) and extra musicians (Team Cans) but without robbing either the spotlight or the momentum. There’s a mixture of old material and newer material without making the setlist feel muddled.

Most importantly of all, the band absolutely nail it. Its an energetic, crystal clear and big performance from each and every member. The drums are pounded, the vocals are impressive and the guitar solos are flawless. Joacim’s onstage banter is even rather amusing. The whole atmosphere is one of class and perfection, without losing that crucial feeling of urgency.

Its just over two hours of absolutely top-quality Metal; lovingly played, lovingly recorded and lovingly produced, with a career spanning setlist and an interesting setting.

The setlist is as follows: ‘Patient Zero,’ ‘Heeding The Call,’ ‘Any Means Necessary,’ ‘B.Y.H,’ ‘Riders Of The Storm,’ ‘Let’s Get It On,’ ‘Crimson Thunder,’ ‘Renegade,’ ‘Blood Bound,’ ‘Last Man Standing,’ ‘Fury Of The Wild,’ ‘Drum Solo,’ ‘Always Will Be,’ ‘Dia De Los Muertos,’ ‘Steel Meets Steel,’ ‘Threshold,’ ‘The Dragon Lies Bleeding,’ ‘Let The Hammer Fall,’ ‘Nar Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn,’ ‘Something For The Ages,’ ‘The Templar Flame,’ ‘Oh Fortuna,’ ‘Glory To The Brave,’ ‘One More Time,’ ‘Hammerfall,’ ‘Hearts On Fire.’

This version comes in a slim Blu Ray case, with a booklet containing credits, photos and a list of tourdates. There is also a bonus ‘Behind The Scenes’ which lasts around nine minutes. The Blu Ray specs are as follows: Screen – 1080p, Sound – PCM Stereo, Region – All, Running time – 151 minutes.

Overall; if you like the band this is an absolute must-have purchase. If you like Power Metal in general you should definitely try it out as it’s a fantastic product and a good introduction to the band, and if you just like concert movies in general, its worth checking out to see one that’s just absolutely nailed on all accounts.

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