Happy Days:

The best thing in the history of me listening to music has happened. That’s right. What would make me happiest of all music-wise, regular readers?

Well. Rishloo (the band I can’t stop banging on about here) have only gone and decided to make a new album instead of staying broken up. They’re going to use the music that they wrote for the ex-member’s new band The Ghost Apparatus, which was partly made up of the material for the was-going-to-be-made-until-Andy-Left fourth Rishloo album anyway, and make it as Rishloo now (again-ish). And thanks to my already having contributed to kickstarter earlier, I don’t even have to pay to get my hands on it when it lands

This is even better news than when they decided The Ghost Apparatus wasn’t going to be an instrumental band anymore. I’m happy that they’re making music at all. I’m even happier that its going to be in the Rishloo style. I’m even happier there’s going to be a new Rishloo album in general, so that more people can hear about and appreciate them. Even at that, I can hear you thinking “So, they changed their name? Its still not the same as it was…” Well, look what happens at the end of the video!


What really has my attention though is what now will they call the album? Is the new album going to be called “Neon Wardrums” like the debut The Ghost Apparatus album was planned to be or “Living As Ghosts With Buildings As Teeth” as the fourth Rishloo album was planned to be then?

Also, hats off to the genius who commented “Remember why you’re here is to inspire” it may be a bit cheesy, but that’s top class fan commenting, reference considered.
Or are they going to call the fourth Rishloo album by the title of “The Ghost Apparatus” for symmetry’s sake?

Who cares. I’m so excited.

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