I went to see Baroness live Tonight.

I’ve just gotten back from my second ever gig at the small underground venue, the Club academy. I had went to see Baroness.

The support act, called Royal Thunder, were a slightly proggy Stoner Rock trio. Their set got better as it went along, but they weren’t really captivating or anything. I don’t have much to say about them, so here are a few bullet point observations:

Their drummer is too good for them.
Their singer kept shuffling her feet diagonally making them into the shape of the letter “v.”
Their guitarist was a dead ringer for Joe Wilkinson the comedian.
They had a circular group hug when they finished.

It doesn’t sound like I enjoyed them from that report, but they were entertaining. I just wouldn’t rush out and buy an album straight off the back of it or anything. It wasn’t like Insomnium. It wasn’t even like Triaxis, and I didn’t buy any Triaxis anyway.

Then after a long wait, Baroness took to the stage. The crowd, who had been about 10 people when I came in suddenly erupted in a roar. I turned around and the place was pretty packed. Packed with people who seemed to really like Baroness.

John came on, with wide eyes and toothy grin, looking like Steve-O with a beard of Bees. He’s got a hell of a stage presence. The band were really energetic and exciting. There was a lot of umph. The managed to make ‘Board Up The House’ sound massively heavy!

I love ‘Board Up The House’ already, but hearing it live made it even better. The big highlight of the evening was ‘Walk The Line’ which the absolutely nailed. I noticed a little moment, where Sebastian looked at his setlist and then to everyone else, and them did the shrug gesture, as if he was the only one who noticed they missed out a song. I wonder if that was the case. The setlist in general was very heavily focused on the new album (just as well, seeing as it’s a masterpiece) and the crowd were really good at singing along.

There was a cool little touch in how they cleverly had the lights sequenced to be the colour of the title of the album from which the song came was (Since all their albums have a colour in their title, don’t cha know). So, ‘Take My Bones Away’ had Yellow lights for example, and ‘Isak’ had red lights. It was a neat little touch in such a small club. They played the songs pretty intensely and didn’t mind fluffing a few notes to just hammer the instruments that little bit harder. I’m surprised nobody broke a string.

The coolest thing about the whole evening however, was how thankful and appreciative the band were, and they went out of their way again and again to say that this was an especially good crowd reaction and that this wasn’t just a rockstar cliché, but that they were grateful for the unusually warm fan response. That was a nice move.

Like with Queensryche last week, I had another excellent fan-experience with no Pushing and Shoving and Crowd surfers standing on my neck. I like it when crowds are not all up in your space, but still show the band a good time.

Not a bad gig for a tenner! I had a really good time. If you get the chance, go see them.

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