Get (Into) What You Paid For: Volume 2 [Day 33] – Wrap Up

Ok. So after splurging my last paycheck on an absolute tonne of stuff, from concert tickets to Blu-Rays of concerts (with a crap load of albums and graphic novels in there somewhere too), I’ve instituted the second “Don’t buy anything” month here on the blog, so as not to run out of money and get evicted from my house and have to build a nest out of 2nd-hand CDs from Zoverstocks and start eating Batman comics for sustenance.

I say second, because if the title of the post didn’t already give it a way, this is an ongoing series. In the summer I became inspired by the awesome Heavy Metal Overload blog and decided that if I’m going to go easy on my spending, I should make it easier on myself by occupying the time I would normally spend shopping by blogging about my abstinence and what temptations almost cause me to break it. You can read how the first month turned out here. (…Or, if you don’t particularly care about how a 25 year old nerd doesn’t spend his money, and are just killing time online, you can read about how to build your very own toilet here.)

I’ve now entered the next month. Its been 33 Days since the challenge started. My challenge was originally to make it a full month without buying anything non-essential (Food, Printer Ink, Bus Tickets = “Yes,” …Batman Comics, Concert DVDs, CDs = “No”). As you probably remember however, nineteen days into the month I failed in my challenge after I went to see Queensryche play live and bought a tour shirt.

As Punishment for that grievous misstep I was supposed to add an extra five days to the challenge. What actually happened however, was that I went on Amazon yesterday to buy something totally legitimate and challenge-exempt but when it went through to the “shopping basket” stage in the purchase process, my basket was already filled with stuff I had been planning to buy on November 6th. I ummed and ahhed for a few seconds before deciding to just go for it and bought the whole damn lot. Weak willed.

In the end, I ended up getting Monster Magnet’s New Album, Three Pissing Razors albums like I’d discussed, Insomnium’s newest album because they earned it, Soundgarden’s Down On The Upside for completion’s sake and because it was only 4p, the Babyshambles B-side ‘Bundles’ (although I couldn’t get ‘Spit It Out’ due to some stupid exclusivity deal), and the following Batman comics: Heart Of Hush, Gotham By Gaslight, Gothic, Venom, ‘And The Monster-Men, ‘And The Mad Monk.


Oh well. That’ll keep me busy for a while.

I should feel embarrassed or annoyed with myself, but I think I did quite well going a whole month without buying any CDs or Concert Films. The first challenge was shorter than a full month, so I am getting better. If it wasn’t for Queensryche being so incredible live (and deserving of extra gas money) then I would have easily made it to the end. Yeah… that’s it! Don’t blame me, Blame Queensryche! Spending on November 1st was originally allowed anyway…right? Oh C’mon…

Now I’m going to have to take a while of spending again anyway to recover from that massive wallet draining anyway. I can’t see myself picking up much new media in the next couple of weeks anyway. In general, I should be able to hold back from making new purchases for a while since the buy-something-demon has been fed. I do have my beady little eyes on Trivium, Red Fang, Annihilator, Haken, Leprous, Children Of Bodom and Amon Amarth’s new albums, as well as Testament, Dream Theater, Iced Earth and Angra’s upcoming/recent concert Blu Rays. Oh and I’ll probably buy tickets to see Trivium and Killswitch in my city if they haven’t sold out yet. But for the most part all of that can wait a while.

Anyway. Some thoughts on music:

I’ve been listening to both new Queensryche albums this morning. I love Todd’s one as I’ve gone on about over and over, but what I’ve been noticing in the last month or so is that Geoff’s is actually way better than it gets credit for. If you divorce yourself from the drama, remove the horrible bonus tracks and just listen to the album as a normal Nu Metal/Radio Metal/Alternative Metal/Modern Rock record without thinking to much, its actually rather enjoyable. I really like ‘Dare,’ ‘Slave’ and especially ‘Running Backwards,’ and the album closer ‘Weight Of The World’ is good too. I think its probably a better album than Q2K, American Soldier and Dedicated To Chaos.

I’ve also listened to a lot more Rishloo, Helloween and Protest The Hero but you’re sick of hearing about that so I won’t bang on about it.

I said this last time too, but damn, ‘Dead And Bloated’ by Stone Temple Pilots is a fun song.

On a similar note, Black Country Communion keep coming on when I listen to my phone on shuffle, and I really get a kick out’ve that band. I hope they resolve their differences and make a fourth album. They’re too good to end now.

Also I was watching a video of Down playing Hellfest 2013, where they had to fill in for the mighty Clutch due to a family emergency, and instead of playing a normal Down set, played a few Down, Crowbar, Eyehategod and C.O.C songs and just had fun. That made me really, really hungry for a new C.O.C album with Pepper Keenan back in the band and then a high quality live concert afterwards. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the new(/old) Pepper-less version of C.O.C and the self-titled album is really really good, but there’s something about the Deliverance-Wiseblood-VolumeDealer-ArmsOfGod period that is just so magical and seeing ‘Albatross’ and ‘Clean My Wounds’ at this Down gig just really made me want them back.

Ok. I’ve ran out of things to talk about I guess. The month did have two failures to stick to the challenge, but it wasn’t a complete disaster either. I’m learning. Its like weightlifting. My discipline muscles are weak and I need to work them out and rest them for hypertrophy to do its merry work. After a few of these I should be able to handle it more easily, right?

Speaking of merry; Christmas is coming, so I guess I might make December a no-purchase zone too, to make financial room for buying people Christmas Presents. Come back around December the 1st for another Get (Into) What You Paid For round. Thanks for reading.

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