Get (Into) What You Paid For: Volume 3 [Day 3] – Opening Declaration

Its that time of year again readers. No… not Christmas. (Well, yes actually, that too). Its time that I avoid spending all my money on things for myself, and distract myself from the withdrawal symptoms of shopping addiction by blogging about albums in an informal, non-review manner.

You know the drill by now. I take a month (eg. December) and don’t buy myself any CDs, DVDs, Videogames, Comics etc. (Y’know, like normal people have the discipline to do) and then blog about albums I haven’t payed enough attention to, or else ones that have just caught my attention and I feel the need to discuss.

The last one wasn’t a 100% success due to some technical hitches and, well, me failing it to be honest. I bought stuff. I wasn’t meant to buy stuff. But I did.

At the very end of it I splurged on a boatload of Groove Metal and Grunge CDs and some Batman Comics. Since then, the only thing that I’ve bought myself media-wise is the new Five Finger Death Punch album on the 12th of November. Apart from that I’ve actually been pretty tame this last month.

Its now approaching Christmas however, and since I’ll be receiving gifts its uncool of me to buy myself things, and since I’ve absolutely overspent on giving gifts (hey, I’m easily excited) I don’t have the money to do it safely anyway. So. I Hereby institute the third month of Get (Into) What You Paid For, the blog series in which I don’t buy things.

There’ll be plenty to talk about, such as the Bob Dylan and Fratellis concerts I’ve attended but not written about yet, the Amon Amarth/Carcass gig that I bought tickets to but straight-up forgot to go to, the Dream Theater Blu Ray I received as a gift, my ongoing exploration of the band Pissing Razors, where I’m up to on my Grunge, Power Metal and Stoner journeys that started on this blog and much more.

Maybe even Batamn, who knows.

Anyway. Stick around. More to follow throughout the month.

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