Kingcrimsonprog Top 100 Most Listened-To Albums, 2013:

So, I’ve rated the albums released in 2013 that I’d heard in order of best to worst, now here is a list of the 100 albums I’ve listened to the most this year (although the albums themselves come from any year) in order of highest to lowest:

If I had to guess, I would’ve thought that I’d listened to Kezia more than Scurrilous, and also that the top spots would all be taken by Black Label Society and Children Of Bodom. Its interesting how you remember them wrong. I’m also amazed how high Babyshambles’ album is considering how late in the year I got it and how much less I feel like I’ve heard it than so many other records in this list. I also feel as if I’d listened to the new Killswitch less than I really had. Conversely, I feel like I listened to Bring Me The Horizon’s latest record all the time, and its placing is way lower than I expected. The biggest surprise is Trivium’s In Waves; I can barely remember listening to it once all year, let alone ten times.

Gallows, Queensryche, Helloween and W.A.S.P all more or less check out with my perceptions.

So, in terms of artists, here’s the top-50 most listened-to 2013:

In my mind, it feels like I only listened to Ananthema, Bodom and BLS all the time, even though obviously Protest The Hero, Queensryche and Helloween are the actual top 3. I feel like I’ve listened to waaaay more Motorhead than Thin Lizzy, and a lot less Soundgarden than Alice In Chains. I’m also baffled how low Rishloo, C.O.C and Judas Priest all are compared to how much I feel like I’ve listened to them. Perception, interesting.

‘Till next year!

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