Tis the season to plug:

Well by now you already know what I think, what I like and dislike, and what’s happened to me.
As a Christmas present, here’s some plugs for other blogs that you would like if you read mine. Basically, people with similar sorts of music and media themed Blogs. Some feature reviews, some are more personal stories and recollections, some are a mix of both.

Anyway, here’s the Blogs that I read or have read, or have just found this week; check ’em out:

Rambleast – All Your Blogs Are Belong To Us
Hit The Lights: The Concert Diary Of A Mid Nineties Rock Fan
Heavy Metal Overload
LeBrain’s Record Store Tales & Reviews
80s Metal Man
Metal Odyssey
Metal Excess
Play It Loud
1001 Albums In 10 Years
Metal Ov Evil
Bang Thy Head
Ratt Rocker
Tangled Up In Music
195 Metal CDs
Kamer Tunes
Music Junkie Press
Every Record Tells A Story
The CD Critic
My Love Affair With Heavy Metal

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  1. Hey thanks man! Once this craziness settles down I’ll have to check out some of these blogs (although it looks like I already frequent many of them…)


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