W.A.S.P – W.A.S.P S/T Review

W.A.S.P - W.A.S.P

W.A.S.P – W.A.S.P

The Los Angeles based band W.A.S.P’s eponymous 1984 debut album is an absolute classic, filled with numerous memorable tracks that stand the test of time.

At the time of its initial release, you were more likely to read about the band for their non-musical antics than for the actual quality of their material, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the band were all about shock, gore and perversion – with the music as a mere afterthought, because in actual fact the music on here is catchy, powerful, technically-impressive Hard Rock/Heavy Metal with a broad appeal; mixing elements of Kiss’ sound with the Power of Judas Priest. They were one of the heaviest, most bad-ass bands from their scene.

Singer Blackie Lawless has a lot of character in his voice and puts in a charismatic and loud performance with a lot of energy. The band play equally energetically and deliver powerful fills and memorable solos throughout. The whole album is packed full of anthemic choruses too.

Highlights include the concert-favourtie opener “I Wanna Be Somebody” which is immensely catchy, as well as “Hellion” and the very heavy and aggressive “The Torture Never Stops.”

Compared to other albums in their cannon, this is one of their most direct, powerful and passionate records. Its filled with the rebellious spirit of youth, scorching metallic playing and yet it still has an attuned ear for melody.

Overall; W.A.S.P’s first full-length studio album is a bone-fide classic which should not be overlooked due to non-musical reasons.


  1. Glad you reviewed this. This remains one of the few W.A.S.P. albums I still listen to. I gave it a damn good review as well. Actually I’m currently working on my review for their next-best album, Headless Children.


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