Hammerfall – Legacy Of Kings Review

Hammerfall - Legacy Of Kings

Hammerfall – Legacy Of Kings

In 1998, one year after their debut album Glory To The Brave, the Swedish Power Metal band Hammerfall released their second full-length studio album, entitled Legacy Of Kings. It was once again produced by Fredrik Nordström, only this time with guitarist Oscar Dronjak co-producing.

Continuing the fine formula that they established on their first outing; Legacy Of Kings is another tight, tasteful, immaculate collection of catchy, memorable and melodic Heavy Metal in the tradition of Priest, Maiden, Saxon, Accept and the like, with hints of Keeper-era Helloween in the guitar sound every so often. It isn’t neoclassical sounding like Stratovarius, or symphonic like Rhapsody (Of Fire), or indeed thrashy like Blind Guardian, but rather it concentrates more on the core spirit of early Heavy Metal and recreates the impression that listeners remember of that material (even if nothing here actually sounds all that directly like deep cuts from Sad Wings Of Destiny or Restless & Wild).

Expect soaring melodic vocals, frequent dual guitar lines and melodic guitar solos, solid galloping drums and heroic lyrics about subjects like triumph and victory.

This album also added a tiny touch more mid-tempo numbers and power-ballads than Glory To The Brave, (which were hinted at on the previous record). Slow, heavy tracks like “End Of The Rainbow” and more emotional balladry like “Remember Yesterday” and the piano-led “The Fallen One” provide a contrast to the speedy stylings of things like “Heading The Call,” “Warriors Of Faith,” the Gamma Ray-esque “Dreamland” or the Pretty Maids cover “Back To Back.” The balance is good and this record doesn’t rely too heavily on one or the other.

Enough about the direction though, what about the quality? Well; Legacy Of Kings is a very strong and entertaining. As long as you don’t generally hate this style of music anyway, this should prove a very worthy addition to anyone’s collection. The production job is crystal clear, the musicianship is great, the album is succinct and free from any filler, the mixture of light and shade stops it getting too repetitive and best of all, its just good fun!

Overall; this is an excellent album and if you have an inkling that you might like this band, I urge you to go ahead and pick yourself up a copy of it.

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