Get (Into) What You Paid For, Vol. 4: Warning Shots

I’m going to start a fourth Get (Into) What You Paid For Challenge on August 1st. In other words, I am going to go a month without buying anything for myself except food and essentials. No CDs, DVDs, Vinyls, Comic Books, Videogames or anything like that. Basically, none of the things I would blog about.

To compensate for the lack of fresh blog-material, I’ll blog about the experience, the temptations, and what I did to overcome the temptations. I’ll use this series as a platform for some quick observations on Videogame, Comic book and Musical thoughts that aren’t worth a full bit each, as well as listen to old stuff that I currently don’t listen to enough and finally get my money’s worth out of them (hence the title).

I must admit, this time around its going to be much easier than other times, with a Netflix subscription, a gift of free Batman Vampire comics from my friend Paul, a donation of videogames (including Bioshock Infinite) from my brother, and a recent backlog of new purchases that I haven’t fully gotten into yet.

As well as the recent purchases, I also have playlists to get me re-aquainted with all the old 80s Thrash that I loved so much as a teenager (mixed in with all the NWOBHM and Classic Metal of the last two years), as well as a playlist for all the boxsets of things I bought in the last few years and struggle to absorb fully due to getting too much at once, such as Faith No More, Dream Theater and Alice In Chains.

I’m also currently in a series of workout-to-a-concert-Blu-Ray days at the moment, for example, four days ago I lifted weights while watching Iced Earth’s Blu Ray, then cycled on an excercise bike while watching Sabbaton’s. Before that it was HammerFall. Today It’ll be Stratovarius and Gamma Ray.

Shouldn’t be too hard to be frugal with all that going on, should it? Well, keep reading and find out…


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