Happy Birthday To Me! [Get (Into) What You Paid – Round 4, For Day 30]

Sorry to not have posted any Get (Into) What You Paid For articles recently. I’ve been happily away in the Netherlands, living it up amongst the cloggs and the windmills.

Today is my birthday, which made the whole “don’t buy anything” challenge pretty easy. I don’t spend a penny but suddenly I have Batman Odyssey, God Of War Ascension, A Martin Popoff book of 500 Metal Albums you should hear, and CDs by Manowar, Helloween, Fratellis, Savatage, and more!

I managed to avoid the temptation of Dutch record stores (despite some really tempting moments… such as a shop in Utrecht city that sold Faith No More, Dream Theater, Tool and Led Zeppelin vinyl), and not pick up any Dutch Batman books (I saw one with a drawing out of Hush on its cover, but not Hush in the content?).

I decided, apart from listening to Accept’s new album Blind Rage over and over and over again (its that good!) that I’d try and get my money’s worth out of the recent purchases I made which didn’t get enough listens this month (and a few older ones that deserved a refresher). I spiced things up by mixing it in with recent favourites.

Here’s a quick visual guide to my musical week:

And here is a guide to my tourism and blatant stereotyping:

Inside a big Clogg

Kinderdijk Windmills

Airport tourist photo op’


    • Cheers!

      Ha ha, god no. The camera-person is my girlfriend lmao. No hookers for me thanks.

      I even managed to avoid the suspicious coffee shops.


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