Get (Into) What You Paid For – Volume 5, No. 3: Day 29 – The Year In Review

So its nearly the end of the year. I’m going to give you a glimpse into how I’ve been spending it musically. The following is a list of the “Top-50 most listened to by me” artists for 2014, as counted by LastFm which tracks all the music I intentionally listen to (so not counting random pop songs in the supermarket, but counting everything I chose to put on):

1. Manowar 789 plays
2. Helloween 778 plays
3. Arctic Monkeys 773 plays
4. Protest The Hero 712 plays
5. Mötley Crüe 655 plays
6. Accept 603 plays
7. Dream Theater 580 plays
8. Paolo Nutini 479 plays
9. Queensrÿche 460 plays
10. The Fratellis 459 plays
11. Motörhead 451 plays
12. Dokken 437 plays
13. Saxon 431 plays
14. Pearl Jam 411 plays
15. Machine Head 399 plays
16. Judas Priest 377 plays
17. HammerFall 356 plays
18. Soundgarden 354 plays
19. Iced Earth 350 plays
20. Megadeth 348 plays
21. Poison 341 plays
22. Gamma Ray 335 plays
23. W.A.S.P. 316 plays
24. TesseracT 311 plays
25. Twisted Sister 308 plays
26. Ozzy Osbourne 306 plays
27. Sick Of It All 300 plays
28. Slipknot 290 plays
29. Bon Iver 286 plays
30. Alice In Chains 284 plays
31. Van Halen 277 plays
32. Babyshambles 273 plays
33. Black Label Society 266 plays
34. Michael Schenker Group 263 plays
35. Savatage 253 plays
36. Periphery 245 plays
37. Iron Maiden 240 plays
38. Pantera 233 plays
39. Slayer 229 plays
40. Monster Magnet 220 plays
40. Anthrax 220 plays
42. Pissing Razors 200 plays
43. Metallica 197 plays
43. Children of Bodom 197 plays
45. Five Finger Death Punch 195 plays
46. Thin Lizzy 185 plays
47. The Libertines 183 plays
48. Rishloo 183 plays
49. Down 180 plays
50. Bon Jovi 171 plays

The real winners here seem to be Power Metal, Prog Metal and good old fashioned Heavy Metal. There’s also a lot of Hair Metal/80s Rock; A bit of Grunge; A bit of Classic Rock and a bit of Indie – which I almost only ever play when I’ve got female company so you can see what a happy year its been.
Also in there is some Metalcore and Djent. A bit of stoner. A surprisingly good showing for the big four of Thrash even though my premium Thrash years were sorta 2003-2008 (so if I had’ve had LastFM back then, the true totals would show and the whole thing’d be maxed out on Thrash).

Surprises: I have to say I had no idea I listened to that much Pissing Razors or Iced Earth – I thought they would both be less than half that amount. I also thought Rishloo would be about double that amount.
I’m not surprised that Pearl Jam were high, but I am surprised how high they are in proportion to the rest of the Grunge bands… I’m sure I’ve listened to way more Silverchair, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains than them, but clearly not, ey?

Top countries here very clearly being the US & UK, with Germany, Canada and Finland very far behind (and no-one else placing at all).

Where the heck is Exodus? I feel like I’ve been listening to bucketfulls of Exodus and they aren’t here… even as Anthrax are and I feel like I’ve been neglecting Anthrax a bit. And how the heck are Testament doing so poorly? I feel as though I’ve listened to more Testament than Hammerfall. I feel like I listened to equal amounts of Madball and Sick Of It All… but that didn’t happen either. And where are Life Of Agony? I feel as though I listen to them every single day so where the heck are they?

Its weird how the brain works, ey?

Also a few other thoughts:
1. Extreme’s Pornograffitti is what would happen if Dream Theater were forced to make Dr. Feelgood. I don’t even just mean that in a thoughtless way and not just superficially. I mean really listen to it and think about what I’m saying and hopefully you’ll see it too.
2. I’m really changeable. I can’t think of a band I’ve ever hated more than Motely Crue and now look how much I like them!
3. Irreplaceable drummers aren’t as irreplaceable as I’ve thought. The new Slipknot drummer sounds like Joey, Fear Factory drummers sound like Raymond. Mike Magini is a great Portnoy replacement. Could Tool carry on without Danney Carey or Mastodon without Brann Dailor? Maybe!
4. Durable earphones are hard to find…. I’ve broken so many damn earphones this year. Upwards of ten pairs!

I haven’t listened to enough new albums this year to put together an AOTY list properly, but with the few albums I have heard I’d put them in roughly the following order:

1. Accept – Blind Rage
2. Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds
3. Slipknot – .5 The Gray Chapter
4. Corrosion Of Conformity – IX
5. Judas Priest – Redeemer Of Souls

However, Rishloo’s new album isn’t in there because its officially released next year (I only got it early by way of Kickstarter benifits), Mastodon aren’t in there because I’ve only streamed it but not bought it (if it was it’d be higher than Priest but lower than C.O.C) and based on their recent form and constant consistency, I’m sure that if I had have bought Gamma Ray, Exodus or Black Label Society’s 2014 albums, they’d be higher than priest too. But I didn’t, so I can’t be sure… maybe they were all disappointments?

Oh yeah, and I haven’t bought anything in the last two days. I’m tempted to go on iTunes and get Motely Crue’s “Primal Scream” but I can live without it for another month. Similarly, I want to check out the bonus tracks for Accept’s Blind Rage and Judas Priest’s Redeemer Of Souls… but, I’m not going to break the challenge over it. The hugest threat to failing the challenge is that I just realized Jetplane Landing (Their “Once Like A Spark” album is one of my favourite albums of all time and completely defined my teen years) reformed and released a new album! How the hell did I miss that… ok, it was last summer so the reason I missed it was because I was at work all the time and then massively sick. Still…. Jetplane Landing are awesome and I’ve been waiting years for a new album… I can’t believe they have one… I simply must own it! So… that is a damn tempting proposition. Its going to be hard not to buy that. I’ll try. But…

The other main “risk” is that I’ve finished my two volumes of Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection that my good buddy Paul gave me for Christmas, and they end on a cliffhanger, so I really want to buy the next volume to see the resolution. I’ll hold tight though, and instead read other, different gifts. Such as Gordon Of Gotham.

Oh yeah and speaking of Gotham… have you seen the new TV Show Gotham? Why do they always CGI the sky to be cloudy… it looks so unreal. Just shoot the sky! I get you want to make it feel dark and oppressive, but when it looks so silly, why not ditch it?


    • Its not really me, there’s a website called LastFM does it for you, and it works for iTunes, smartphones, iPods, xboxes and spotify.

      Also I’m a big nerd, so if I go to a concert, I get the setlist off setlist fm and then make a playlist of those songs so they get added in, and ditto if something I know comes on on the radio… Its fairly easy to remember the 4 or 5 Guns N Roses songs on the radio a week.
      It’d be too hard for pop music, but for the stuff I count its easy enough to just remember 🙂

      Its just annoying you can’t magically backdate it. I’d love to have information on all the stuff I listened to before I signed up to the website.


      • I used to keep track of everything I listened to, every month, and then make a “greatest hits” CD of all the songs I liked best.

        The flaw with that system is that I gradually started to only listen to the “greatest hits” CDs and stopped listening to original albums. So I don’t do that anymore.

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  1. “1. Extreme’s Pornograffitti is what would happen if Dream Theater were forced to make Dr. Feelgood.”

    I like this line the best! I totally get what you mean too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, great band! I know a lot of people like me who are suspicious of em because of their success and their genre, but if you’re awesome you’re awesome no matter what factors… and those guys are awesome!

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