Get (Into) What You Paid For – Volume 5, No. 6: Day 49:

Hey, just another short one here. I could stay here and type a massive in-depth exploration of some obscure Drowning Pool album or memory (I remember I saw them live before Dave died, and I saw “Reminded” live and thought the chorus said “We’re going to amuse you” instead of “Reminded of you, ooo” with the “ooo” being just reverb – there, there’s a quick one), or I could walk to Asda (Wallmart, for the non-British readers) in this current flurry of snow (Its snowing, should I listen to Immortal?) to buy healthfoods instead.
What’s that? Why yes, I AM putting my shoes on!

Anyway…Temptations wise, its nothing that exciting or pressing today. Just the usual completionist “you have one part of this so get it all” urge, applying to Batman and Spawn comics. I can ride it out no problem. Sure, I’d like to own every one ever made, but I’d also not like to live on the street with only comic books as shelter.

An unusual or surprise thing however, is I’ve got a massive urge to buy Rancid, Offspring and miscellaneous other Pop Punk albums that I wanted in my early early teens but didn’t allow myself for some bizarre reason of wanting to be cool (even though way more people listened to Pop Punk than Napalm Death, but teenage minds are stupid.). I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls a lot recently and there’s always Rancid posters and stuff like that on the wall, and it reminded me of all this suppressed want for Pop Punk and how I’d watch P-Rock TV all the time for the year or so it was in operation. I mean, there’s no reason I can’t listen to both Napalm Death AND Pennywise, is there? I mean, I’ve already had every Green Day album in my collection before anything else, and I have side-tangents into Indie via The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys, so why exactly would owning an Offspring record be so embarrassing? It wouldn’t and stop living your life by bizarre rules you thought you overheard as an eleven-year-old kid!

Not that I’m going to give-in now. Don’t forget its still a GITWYPF challenge month, fool! Also, I’m super poor at the minute and work only covers the bills, so I’m tempted to add an extra month to the challenge because, realistically I couldn’t afford to buy the extra crap anyway. I mean, I’m not going to be pan-handling anytime soon don’t worry, I’m just choosing to spend my money on healthy food and other sensible things. I’ve decided I’d rather have fruit and veg than CDs… tell that to the fat 14 year old version of myself! Veg? Are you kidding me, you could buy Napalm Death’s “Mass Appeal Madness” CD Single instead…. For NO GOOD FUCKING REASON!

Sometimes, I look back at some of the stupid purchases (like a CD single with no worthwhile bonus tracks), or mistake purchases (Like buying two copies of something by clicking the wrong button), or irresponsible purchases (like adding extra drums, cymbals, skins and drum-microphones to my drum kit only one year before I’d move cities and never get to use a fucking drum kit again for three years)… and think, why didn’t I keep that money? I could’ve kept that and spent it on nappies for my future baby (“diapers” if you’re American/Canadian).

Other times I think, wasn’t it ok to spend it on things that you enjoyed at the time. Not every single penny (“cent”) has to a long term investment towards your as yet unborn family or pension, especially when you are a teen. I mean, its not as if I’m going to buy a giant drumkit now, and it entertained me greatly at the time. So… I’m not going to hell for shortchanging a baby that might never exist?

Yes… I probably should see a shrink! Hey, normal people, do you have these thoughts all the time too? Is YOUR mind a series of debates between fictional disapproving superiors with different agendas?

Anyway; Thrash. I was talking about Thrash last time.

The week of Thrash approach has been a mixed success. I’ve listened to some live Annihilator and Testament concerts that I’ve been ignoring as of late. I’ve listened to Slayer and Kreator’s most recent albums, and I’ve had a playlist of all my 80s Thrash studio albums on shuffle, but with all the normal Heavy Metal like Dio and Saxon and Priest in there too for variety, but the shuffle ended up being 90% non-Thrash by coincidence.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of C.O.C as I’m excited for them playing in my city in a few months with Pepper back in the group. So, that’s a departure from Thrash. But… come on, I’ve loved this band for years now. It was around the time I was reviewing all their albums that I started this blog in the first place, and they are one of the bands I’ve listen to the most in the last five years.

Also, I decided I hadn’t really been getting my money’s worth from Alice In Chains, and have been targeting the Sap and Jar Of Flies EPs for some listening time. I got them for the birthday before I went to University, about a month before I also got into Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots (like Pop Punk, Grunge was an embarrassing thing to get into back then, despite all of my friends liking those bands and also me owning every Pearl Jam and Nirvana album…. Yes, teenage me was a bit of an idiot!).

Anyway, I’ve listened to something like double the amount of Soundgarden as I have Alice In Chains. So… a little redressing of the balance is in order, especially since Alice In Chains had a headstart. I think its because the EPs are all acoustic and stripped down. Those songs are fine on an album, but I want some heavy stuff too. I want “Would?” and “We Die Young” in there too. That said, I think “No Excuses” from the acoustic Jar Of Flies EP is probably my favourite AIC song. Awesome drum beat!

Plans for the next week? More Thrash. I’m not going to try exclusively Thrash, but certainly more of it. Also more listening to things I don’t listen to enough. Maybe I’ll break out Living Colour’s album. Maybe I’ll break out some Nu Metal like Ill Nino… I got their debut when it was brand new, but man, I have never ever, evvvvver felt like I listened to it enough to justify that money.

I’ll keep you updated.
I don’t know why I will, but I will. You can get your restraining orders ready folks.

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