Get (Into) What You Paid For – Volume 5, No. 7: Day 66:

Its 59 days into the GITWYPF challenge. You know the rules by now. For a designated time period, (which was a month on early volumes, but has now became two months, and could become three months at any stage), I will try not to buy myself anything unnecessary or materialistic or to do with my hobbies. I can buy food, survival supplies, school supplies etc. I can’t buy comics, videogames, movies or most importantly music. That’s the real challenge. I made myself almost hopelessly fond of acquiring new possessions when I had a good job and no responsibilities and now its time to break the habit.

So far so good. 66 days, no slip-ups.

Temptations-wise, my friend Paul is more or less pointing an armed gun at me and demanding I buy <a href=”; target=”pop”> this Judge Dredd comic collection for £2</a>, so that’s pretty tempting.

Otherwise there’s just been little things. For example, if I’m listening to Soundgarden, I’ll briefly want their new album. It passes. I’ve been restraining myself fine with no trouble.

There’s not much else to say really. I’ve got it covered so far. I reckon I can make it to the end of the month purchase-free unless the Dredd thing becomes too irresistible… but I’ve had nothing but negative experiences with Dredd in everything but the PS2 Game and the Karl Urban film (both brilliant). The 8 Complete Case Files books I have so far a pretty poor compared to any Batman, Spiderman or X-Men book I’ve read (or Spawn, or Watchmen). The Dredd/Batman crossover collection book is pretty awful for my tastes. So yeah. I dunno, I think I’ll manage skipping it.

So. Last time, I was talking about a week of grunge. That’s been going ok so far. I’ve only got a small Grunge collection. I have at least four releases by Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Silverchair, as well as two by Stone Temple Pilots. I’ve previously had a lend of Blind Mellon stuff too but I don’t have that anymore (and don’t remember it being any good anyway).

I’ve discovered that Silverchair’s Diorama album is not as terrible as I’ve thought it was for about a decade. “Too Much Of Not Enough” and “One Way Mule” are bad ass, and the first few songs have a sort of whimsical Trick Of The Tail era Genesis vibe that I can appreciate now, but understand why I hated it so much back when I first got the album.

I’ve also rearranged Neon Ballroom so it flows better:

I remember initially getting the album and only liking “Anthem For The Year 2000” and thinking the rest was hard to focus on, wussy ballady crap (I was about 12 years old don’t forget). Now I can see it for what a good album it is and pay enough attention to it to actually enjoy it, but even so, this little rearrangement makes it flow better.

I’ve also rearranged Soundgarden’s Fopp EP so that the remix of Fopp isn’t stupidly straight after the original (who wants to listen to the exact same song two times in a row when its in the middle of a series of different songs. It just doesn’t work).

I’ve also found that Alice In Chains’ self-titled tripod-dog album is a bit less overbearing when its shuffled in with other stuff. Nothing wrong with any track on it, so if I hear it all but with some Pearl Jam and Nirvana breaking it up, its fine. All at once, it seems a bit too much.

Oh yeah, and you know what? I just remembered what an amazing song Nirvana’s “You Know You’re Right” is! I used to absolutely love that song, man. And its kind of like I’ve more or less forgotten it exists these past four or five years. Its coming well back into regular rotation! Hearing it now and how good it is, I feel stupid for forgetting it.

Its nice to be over my Grunge Phobia. After I got sick of Nirvana due to overexposure in my peer group at about age 14/15, I began to really dislike Grunge and would hate it when anything sounded grungey. I’d flick away from any Grunge video when watching music TV and turn off the radio when Grunge would come on. I’d scowl at it like a macho beer-drinking Thrasher would scowl at Hair Metal in the 80s. I’d do all that, even when I was really digging on Pearl Jam albums the whole time and making an exception for no obvious reason. Heck; I even played in a Grunge band for a year and thought they were good guys and playing drums is fun but I’d go home and listen to anything other than Grunge.

Listening to it now, I don’t know why it used to annoy me so much. It made my brain go “yuck” like elderly women’s would listening to Cannibal Corpse. Now it doesn’t. I’m not sure why? Exposure probably. I kind of think the more you listen to anything, the more you like it (up to a certain point).

What are you guy’s thoughts on Grunge?


  1. I had the same feeling of going off Nirvana after he died – and I’m glad you mentioned you know you’re right, that’s the tune that reeled me back in. Not many groups have unreleased tunes of that quality lying around!

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  2. I never really liked the whole Grunge thing, especially at the time. The only band associated with Grunge that I ever got into was Alice in Chains. And I don’t even really think of them that way. All the best Grunge bands sounded so different anyway. I always thought I would like Soundgarden but I could never get into them at all.

    Well done on going so long without buying. I’ve went a few weeks now and I’m hoping to not buy anything this month. *sweats profusely* I know what you mean about it being a habit. It seems the longer I go, the easier it’s getting.

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    • Ha ha yeah. I bought something almost every week since I got my first job at around 15, and never stopped until I did my first one of these (I don’t know what that was, like, one year ago?). When I suddenly stopped it was pretty much “it shouldn’t be this hard, should it?” “people are starving all over the world and I can’t stop buying CDs?” but yeah… it seems to get easier the more you do it.

      Yeah, Soundgarden are a weird one alright. Sometimes they’re heavy and powerful and its almost like listening to COC or BLS, and then suddenly its punky and raw, and then its all folky and zeppliny. Then the super polished million seller stuff. They’re a bit of a slippery band you can’t pin down, and you hear one riff and its like “I want to listen to the band that write this sort of stuff” and then they never do anything like it ever again. Hard band to properly get into. I’m not sure if I’m fully into them yet and I’ve got most of their albums and have had at least over half of their discography for a year now, and the more I listen, the less I’m familiar with it.


      • I find its easier being all or nothing about it. I usually try cutting down but that’s impossible for me. But stopping altogether seems easier causing I’m just removing the option. (And staying out of music shops helps)! There’s stuff I’m going to want this month but I’ll leave them until March I think. Maybe by then I’ll just have forgotten about them!

        It probably doesn’t help that Cornell’s voice doesn’t do it for me. They’ve got an uphill struggle straight away due to that. I think Outshined(?) is the only song of theirs I’ve ever really liked.


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