Get (Into) What You Paid For – Volume 5, No. 7: Day 77:

Its been a total of 77 days since I started this fifth volume of GITWYPF, and this round as you know is an extended challenge, not one month long, but three. That’s a quarter of a year! I’ve came close to breaking a few times along the way but as of yet I still haven’t caved.

Maybe I could just pick up a Molly Hatchet boxset here? Maybe one Batman wouldn’t hurt?
No… kapow, biff bam wallop, get back evil thoughts, don’t show your face round here no more!

So, another week since I last checked in and no slip ups. I have been happily listening away to all of my gifts from the last 12 months, such as Slipknot, Machine Head, Mastodon, Corrosion Of Conformity, Mushroomhead, Trivium, Judas Priest and Down’s newest studio output. I’ve also been breaking out more Grunge and Glam in my themed listening weeks.

For some reason I’ve also been listening to a lot of ZZ Top. Not exactly Grunge or Glam, but who cares when you’ve got songs like “Heard It On The X” to jam to? That’s also got me to break out some Foghat. I bought 5-album-boxsets from both of those bands and didn’t really fall in love with them right away. Now though, I’m getting more into them.

That’s pretty much it music-wise. What about other forms of media entertainment?

I’ve finally finished watching all of Gilmore Girls (no more Sebastian Bach acting as essentially himself!). I’m still cracking away at Ultimate Spiderman whenever there’s free time and, best of all, I went to go see Stewart Lee live.

Stewart Lee was playing my city, on a tour called Room With A Stew, which he said will appear on tv this winter. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was better than any of his live DVDs and better than practically every episode of Comedy Vehicle. It was indescribably good. Laughing till your face actually hurts (not hyperbole, real muscular pain), sitting with a huge grin all day, impressively clever and well researched good.… it was one of the best comedy sets I’ve ever seen or heard live or recorded. I don’t feel qualified or able to adequately review it (something he joked about in the set), so just accept that gushing above as a positive review. Oh and go see him live if you can! He’s crazily good.

Otherwise its back to work. Getting up at 4am. Getting soaked to my skin on the way to the too far away bus stop. All that good stuff. Seems like a bummer, but it really isn’t with Manowar blasting in your earphones.

February is a short month; so the challenge’s end is in sight. There’s only about twelve days left, and for most of that time I’ll be at work, asleep, or on one glorious night seeing Black Label Society live… so I feel fairly confident that I won’t break my challenge, and will emerge victorious at the end of it having gone the full three months without buying stuff. That’s what makes me not a teenager anymore. Its not the fact that my age hasn’t been in the teens for more than half a decade, it’s the fact that I can physically stop myself spending money on entertainment products.

‘Till next time.


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