Get (Into) What You Paid For – Volume 5, No. 7: Day 80:

Well I haven’t broken my challenge in the last few days because I’ve been aggressively puking my guts up. Its one of those lame 24 hour vomit bugs, that are really annoying for you but not actually problematic enough that you can complain about. Some people have real problems.

It is annoying however because I had tickets to see Black Label Society tonight, but found out that I had to be at work tomorrow (get up at 4am, get there at 7am, work for 13 hours, get home at 9pm). I’m too sick to go to the concert, but not sick enough to miss work. Also I’m totally broke and it stings that the £20 for the tickets is essentially thrown down the toilet…. And the toilet is covered in puke.

But oh well, I know its not very rock n roll but it makes sense to be responsible and just give this one a miss… even if next time BLS show up on tour it’ll be for an acoustic set I’m not interested in.

C’est la vie.

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