Get (Into) What You Paid For – Volume 5 Aftermath:

Well, its been three months of my fifth GITWYPF challenge. In that time, there’s been Christmas, there’s been job changes, there’s been serious vomiting, there’s been a broken computer and there’s been Stewart Lee live in concert.

Temptations have included various comic books and basically every cd ever released.

Now that I’ve made it the three months without a purchase, I’ve allowed myself £20 to spend, (I’m too broke to let it go any further) which I’ve used to pick up some early Manowar albums, as well as some NWOBHM in the form of a Grim Reaper album and some early Def Leppard. I’d pick up some Tygers Of Pan Tang too but its too hard to get. I’d try some Venom but it wasn’t within budget.

Why all the NWOBHM? Well, I’ve been revisiting all my Maiden, Motorhead and Saxon albums constantly for the past week, and I’ve been getting more into the Angel Witch and Diamond Head debuts as a result of that. Its mostly Saxon’s fault, I’ve just been really into them recently, and then the way my mind works it grasps for similar things.

I’ve also been listening to Dio, Dio-era Sabbath, Priest and Accept a lot to cash in on that charming 80s production feeling I’m digging as a result of Saxon. That’s lead me to get Accept’s Russian Roulette too. The reason I first wanted to get into Accept was when I heard “TV War” from Russian Roulette, but I didn’t get around to it until now.

I also picked up a third Stone Temple Pilots album in tribute to all the grunge I was listening too during this challenge. It cost about 10p.

So that’s it. A big ass spending spree (although it cost very little due to the low low price of unwanted CDs nowadays) to balance out the non-spending of the last three months.

To top off the nerdy party my brain is having, I’ll be going to see Corrosion Of Conformity live with Pepper Keenan back in the band next week. This time I won’t miss it even if I am too sick to go. Its COC with Pepper! If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you can imagine it’s a pretty big deal for me! Its up there with Queensryche, Gamma Ray, Rishloo, Protest The Hero and Monster Magnet at the apex of modern Jimmy’s musical world. Sweetened by the rarity of its occurrence, and the stress-relieving timing. Gracias COC. Play some stuff of ‘Volume Dealer even if people whinge about it being commercial please. Seeing ‘Zippo’ live might make me shit myself (in a good way).

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