Jimmy’s Musical Landscape Summer 2015

I haven’t been posting a lot lately due to being ridiculously busy and tired all summer, so I thought I’d just post an overview of the whole summer for me. It also shows you how my brain works in terms of filtering, catagorizing and compartmentalizing things.

First of all, what would I name my ‘Album of the Summer’ ?
It’s a tie between Slipknot’s .5 The Gray Chapter and Alkaline Trio’s From Here To Infirmary.

When I first heard the announcement of the new Slipknot album without Joey or Paul I was skeptical, when I saw the new masks I wasn’t excited like I usually get when new mask announcements taps into my 13 year old self (Corey’s and Clown’s are so lame looking this cycle, versus how very cool they were on the first two albums). I didn’t like the preview two songs on first listens. It wasn’t looking hot.

Since then its grew and grew and grew and grew (is it grown?) to the point where I absolutely love it and listen to it almost every single day. I listen to it on every trip to work nowadays, every single one.

You know what else I listen to on the way to or sometimes from work too? Well, its obviously Alkaline Trio’s From Here To Infirmary. I set that up pretty obviously, its not as if I’m George RR Martin with double and triple bluffs here.

When I first got the album it was purely because one of my coworkers at the time had an Alkaline Trio tattoo and I thought it might give me a conversation or two. Turns out the album sucked and I didn’t really listen to it much for the next three quarters of a year until I suddenly went on a get-value-for-money spree and re-listened to lots of such albums. This one, in perfect correlation to the increasingly sunny weather has grown/grew on me and now I wouldn’t be without it. It’s the ultimate sunshine album for me. It is also a perfect match for this transitional time in my life and it has a brilliant foreshadowing nature like a George RR Martin easter egg from my present to future (can’t discuss because of no-talking-about-it-on-the-internet policies).

At present I have a 1hr30min bus ride to and from work. I think of it as two trips, one to the bus station and one to work. Usually Slipknot are on the second, and the first is either ‘Trio, or a playlist of Pop Punk albums I’ve been buying for a penny or a pound-ish preowned on Amazon. The Distillers, Less Than Jake, The Offspring, NoFX and especially Rancid. Stuff I had an interest in as a 14 year old but didn’t explore because I wanted to go down a more Metal themed path. Stuff I’d watch on P Rock TV while that was still a thing.

This summer, its nice to get a little vitamin D when listening to All My Best Friends Are Metalheads or The Young Crazed Peeling, y’know?

I also almost always listen to Somewhere Far Beyond or Stairway To Fairyland or Warriors Of The World United on the way home from work, because that’s my main tier new acquisitions line.

The pop punk stuff is the second tier new acquisitions line.

The ‘new releases’ line is still stuck on .5 The Gray Chapter, The Righteous And The Butterfly, Vengeance Falls, Redeemer Of Souls, Bloodstone & Diamonds, LAGWBAT, Once More Round The Sun and IX because I haven’t moved on yet. No new Gamma Ray or Helloween or Sabaton albums that are actually the band’s new release, no new Marilyn Manson, no new whoever’s in the news.

On my days off work, or what I think of as recovering from work (usually spent with 6 or more hours doing work related stuff anyway) I have been listening to a lot of old favourites that are considered classics. Megadeth, Pantera, Sepultura, Fear Factory, Metallica.

So I’ve got my three ‘new imput’ lines to switch between. Then I’ve got the classics line.

There’s also a wildcards line. That’s been very much filled with Minor Threat’s ‘Discography’ compilation and Boston’s sophomore album Don’t Look Back. I don’t know why, but I’ve never felt like I got enough out of Don’t Look Back and I keep drawing on it, drilling it, hoping for the discovery of oil or whatever…. I’m waiting for it to hit. I’m trying to ‘get it.’ I get ‘Party’… Party is Boston doing a Kiss song with Van Halen lyrics. Party is awesome. Then there’s Minor Threat, which I bought to study Hardcore Punk, didn’t like and dismissed. Now I keep going back, like I do with Don’t Look Back (ironically, looking back despite being told not to), trying to get it, or learn the secret truth of Punk or something.

Want a satisfying conclusion to this article? Tough shit. Life is hard in medieval times, things don’t always work out as planned. (Ok maybe I am trying to sound like Gerogre RR Martin now).

*** Ps. Here’s what I’ve been Scrobling for the last 6 months:******

1. Manowar – 684 Plays
2. Slipknot- 672 Plays
3. Helloween – 559 Plays
4. Freedom Call – 427 Plays
5. Arctic Monkeys – 398 Plays
6. Jethro Tull – 356 Plays
7. Iced Earth – 315 Plays
8. Machine Head – 311 Plays
9. Corrosion of Conformity – 302 Plays
10. Accept – 279 Plays
11. Mastodon – 267 Plays
12. Alkaline Trio – 242 Plays
13. Stratovarius – 235 Plays
14. Def Leppard – 225 Plays
15. Sabaton – 224 Plays
16. Blind Guardian – 218 Plays
17. Gamma Ray – 213 Plays
18. Saxon – 198 Plays
19. Stone Temple Pilots – 182 Plays
20. Motörhead – 167 Plays
21. The Fratellis – 166 Plays
22. Fear Factory – 157 Plays
23. Mushroomhead – 152 Plays
24. Five Finger Death Punch – 148 Plays
25. Soundgarden – 147 Plays
26. Alice in Chains – 145 Plays
27. Marilyn Manson – 144 Plays
28. Megadeth – 143 Plays
29. Queensrÿche – 138 Plays
30. Angra – 137 Plays
31. Periphery – 135 Plays
32. Venom – 132 Plays
33. HammerFall – 131 Plays
34. Hatebreed – 130 Plays
35. Mötley Crüe – 128 Plays
36. Slayer – 126 Plays
37. Metallica – 116 Plays
38. Judas Priest – 115 Plays
39. Anthrax – 115 Plays
40. ZZ Top – 112 Plays
41. Raven – 111 Plays
42. The Distillers – 109 Plays
43. Grim Reaper – 107 Plays
44. Trivium – 106 Plays
45. Paolo Nutini – 106 Plays
46. Pantera – 105 Plays
47. Minor Threat – 102 Plays
48. Tygers of Pan Tang – 102 Plays
49. Nirvana – 100 Plays
50. Sick of It All – 99 Plays


    • I listen to music more or less the whole time I’m awake but not at work or watching tv or doing something romantic. Not in an OCD way, but just, with earphones its just handy to go for a walk with music or go to the shops with music. If there’s a chance for music without it interrupting something, I’ll take it.

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      • I do that a little bit but probably don’t track what I listen to. I have mp3’s for walks into town, cds for driving and youtube for when I’m on the computer. In fact, I’m listening to the next album I’m going to write about right now.

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  1. I’m actually more amazed even by how you manage to make lists all the time. I mean, there are about a thousand lists on your blog. o.o I’m a great list lover as well, my brain works the same way. ; )

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