Greatest Hits Series Vol. 8 – Motley Crue

Inspired by the entertaining blogs of the excellent wordpress blogger Nick’s Album Reviews, I’ve decided to join in the fun, and copy his Greatest Hits blog formula and match the bands chosen with my own personal taste (select my personal favourite 10 tracks by the band that would feel like a good greatest hits cd).
I’ve been reading The Dirt all month, so this time around is all about Motley Crue. Here we go:


The original and best, the song that made me get into the band, ‘Live Wire’ is an absolute classic and a great introduction to the band for a newcomer.

Big, stompy, fun, and catchy as hell; ‘Shout At The Devil’ is one of my top-3 ever Motley Crue songs and an example of everything that’s good about the band.

What do Motley Crue and Saxon have in common? Those early gigs together? No. Its Heavy Fucking Metal! Listen to this brilliant, ballsy Trad-Metal banger and tell me Motley Crue are wussy.

‘Use It Or Loose It’ is yet another Speed-Metal flavoured rager, with a catchy chorus and a nice stop/start dynamic.

Even bigger, stompier and catchier than ‘Shout, this is yet another of my top-3 ever Crue songs.

Comedy and tragedy, entertainment or death…the should-be title track of the most fun Crue album.

That chorus. That bit where Mars changes the riff under the line about the Soho Tribune. That guitar tone.

Absolute classic. Unbeatable. Undeniable. So much fun.

If they didn’t boast about themselves in the lyrics, this would be a perfect song. So almost absolutely perfect.

That bit where he says ‘Crash And Burn’ in time with the reverby drum bit…just magic.

A few too many singles and not enough off of the debut, and I’m gutted I couldn’t fit ‘Dr. Feelgood’ or ‘Tonight (We Need A Lover)’ but I stand by this list. This would be a great CD.

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