Kingcrimsonprog Albums Of The Year 2017

I didn’t buy so many new-releases this year. I had my wedding this year so much of the year was spent saving for that. I also moved city to from a small furnished apartment to an unfurnished full house, so a lot of money was involved in that. In changing cities I also changed jobs and there was some time between the old job ending and the new job starting.

I’ve listened to plenty on streaming services, but for the purposes of this article only purchased albums are applicable. That’s why I’m not starting out from a giant list and whittling it down to a Top-20 or something big.

So; with that preamble out of the way, please enjoy, in context, Kingcrimsonprog’s Top 5 albums of 2017:


5. Accept – The Rise Of Chaos

Since Tornillo joined the band everything this band did has been brilliant. My favourite is Stalingrad, and this isn’t just as perfect as that was, but its a damn fine edition of this new formula.

This band know how to make absolutely perfect classic Heavy Metal music. I love how this album is absolutely devoid of filler. The production, formula and vocals are all brilliant. I’m not even that old and I’ve spent the last few months singing ‘Analogue Man’ like a damn anthem!



4. Black Country Communion – IV

I’m a bit of a die-hard fanboy and if they’d put out a wet turd of an album it would probably still have pleased me in some way, especially with the anticipation for this after the break up and reunion.

Luckily I don’t need to try write a defensive apologist review of this. This is pure gold. Among their best work. Chock full of new classics. Not a song on it I wouldn’t want to hear on the next live album or greatest hits package.

Its been my car album for most of the time since it came out. Well done, BCC, that’s one hell of a comeback you’ve got there!



3. Kreator – Gods Of Violence.

This was released all the way back in January but I hope that doesn’t stop it landing rightfully in people’s lists this year.

These guys just don’t know how to suck anymore, do they?

Since the year 2000 their discography has been absolutely amazing. Every album is album of the year stuff. They just constantly perform ridiculously well. The constantly write great memorable tunes. The incorporation of melodeath and power metal tinges into the blistering tetonic thrash has done them wonders.

This album is so good its better than any of their ’80s classics. Its better than most Thrash band’s output after 1992 at all. Its hard to believe how good this is when I grew up thinking all the best Thrash came out before 1991. This is crazily good stuff.



2. Trivium – The Sin And The Sentence.

A game changer, plain and simple. The undoubted best album of their career bar none. I haven’t stopped pasting this since it came out. Even my non-metal-fan wife knows the lyrics to ‘The Heart From Your Hate’ now, so much have I played this.

Everything about this album is great. The structures, riffs, crushing production, dazzling yet musical solos, best-ever vocals, verve and vigor filled performances. The drumming is the best on any of their albums ever. Its a real drummer’s album. One you can sink your teeth into.

I cannot say enough good things about this. This is a new benchmark for quality. It is the best metal album of the last two-three years. It is their The Blackening. If you haven’t heard it, get it!


1.220px-EternityInYourArms Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms.
This masterpiece was released in March and there is basically not a week since where I haven’t listened to it, not a day where I haven’t thought about it, and I have not heard any album since that I’ve felt was better than it.

A gripping mixture of all sorts of punk, pop and alternative rock styles from various decades mish-mashed together into a truly original and affecting record that feels cosy and familiar yet fresh and exciting.

Its odd structures, inventive patterns and utterly stunning vocals leave you feeling all warm inside after listening to it. The creative concept underpinning it all adds an extra layer of fun. The flow of the album is perfect.

I played songs from it at my wedding. I listened to it on repeat when driving for days on end back and forth dozens of times across the UK while moving house. I feel about it the way I feel about childhood favourites and all time classics in all the books and magazines.

Any time I felt bad this year, I’ve either played something jaunty of this, like ‘Suzanne’ to cheer me up, or else got down and somber with the excellent lyrics of the closer.

“Sometimes I feel like crying, and I know you feel it too, but life don’t seem as dark when I sing with you, oooh-oh-oh, I choose to live.”

Even all the shitty times in the hospital couldn’t ruin this one like they did Emperor Of Sand. This fun filled emotional roller coaster mixing misery, majesty and mischief is beyond negative association.


Where else are you going to hear something that starts off sounding like Cradle Of Filth, and ends up like Danzig covering Alkaline Trio? Where else are you going to hear it one the same album as a dark country tinged folk song and a furious bitter hardcore punk song?  All that amongst creamy almost saccharine, super catchy sweet melodies in oddly choppy songs that are absolutely unpredictable on first listen… this shit is the mad notes, as they say.



Honorable mentions:

Architects new song ‘Doomsday’ is absolutely stunning. It doesn’t count as its not a studio album.

Bullet For My Valentine and Slipknot’s new concert Blu Rays are great. They don’t count as they aren’t studio albums.


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  1. Wow, a great list… of albums I haven’t heard (yet)! I will definitely keep these in mind. Thanks!

    Also: I’m with you – I didn’t buy as many new releases in 2017 as I have in previous years. Just the way it goes, I guess!

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