Kingcrimsonprog Listening Habits 2017

(Source: LastFM.)

Part 1. Albums:albums 2albums 3

albums 4

Analysis: I am surprised I listened to Anthrax’s Vol. 8 more than either Edguy’s Theater Of Salvation or Anthrax’s new album.

I’m surprised Hardwired is the highest. I guess its two discs so that is more like half as much.

I thought Creeper was number one. Three. Pretty close. I thought Megadeth would be way higher. Higher than Anthrax definitely, roughly equal with Metallica. It felt like I listened to those three albums in equal doses, usually one after the other as a set. Apparently not as much as I imagined.

Trivium and Prong are doing incredibly well considering how recently I bought them.

I feel like Deicide should be on it and on it high. I feel like I listen to them really really often. I guess their albums only have like 6 songs each.


Part 2, Artists:

bands 1

bands 2

bands 3



…Aaaah. There’s Deicide. I guess overall is higher than an individual album would suggest.

Machine head so low? What the hell. Maybe that’s because their albums aren’t that many songs. Locust only has 8 songs for example.

Nirvana so high? I don’t remember listening to them much. I guess I read the Heavier Than Heaven book once this year and listened to them the whole time doing it. But that’s still higher than I thought.

Loving that Edguy made the top-5!

Artists 1 & 2 were exactly what I expected. I thought Creeper would be 3.

Megadeth, Anthrax and Metallica much closer together in overall, than in the albums section.

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    • What it is, is that I only had 3 AC/DC albums before this year. The first three with Brian.
      After finding a very good eBay deal on a boxset of 14 albums in August, I had a crapload of AC/DC all at once.

      Each of their albums, especially the Bon stuff doesn’t have that many tracks. Its not like Hardwired with like 18 songs on one album.

      So I am constantly lsitening to some AC/DC album but its not always the same one, as there’s so many to familiarize myself with all in one go. AC/DC live is the most played one as it gives a mix of material from the most albums and was longer than ‘If You Want Blood’ so it works better on long car journeys which I’ve had a lot of this year moving home and job.

      I think if I’d got the AC/DC albums one by one they’d all have a higher playcount each as you could take the time to get to know each one before moving on, but in a 14cd set, its just so much to digest at once if you stay on one, you feel you’re missing out on another.

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      • I’ve just noticed Saxon have the same thing. Only they don’t have an album in the Top 50 at all.
        I got a big boxset of all their albums after 1990. Lots to take in at once.


  1. This is a great way to get a snapshot of your listening habits! Well done!

    Quick question – does this mean you played the entirety of Metallica’s Hardwired double album 260 times this year? Because if so, that’s 13 days 23 hours 58 minutes and 40 seconds of Metallica’s new album!

    I like that AC/DC was tops for artist. As it should be! \m/ \m/

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