Sepultura – Live In Sao Paulo DVD review

220px-Cover_LiveinSPSepultura have a good few options if you are into live material. There is the Chaos DVD with the Under Siege video on it with the band touring Arise and playing all their Thrash era songs. There is the Under A Pale Grey Sky cd with the last ever gig of the Max Cavelera line-up on it, playing a lot of material off of Roots and Chaos AD. There is the newer Rock In Rio DVD with the Les Tambors Du Bronx percussion group augmenting them. There’s also plenty of live material on bonus tracks and compilations.

Best of all however, is Sepultura Live In Sao Paulo. It was the first video album with the Derick Green line-up, the first time you got to see and not just hear live versions of material from Roots and Chaos AD and its the only place to hear straight up unaltered versions of material off the Derick Green albums. It was released in 2005 when they were touring Roorback, back when they were still a Gold-selling band.

You get to hear an amazing blend (21 songs!) of material all the way from their earliest EPs and albums with early material like ‘Necromancer’ and ‘Troops Of Doom’ beside the mega-hits from the ’90s like ‘Territory’ and ‘Roots Bloody Roots’ mixed in with more modern gems like ‘Choke’ and what has to be one of the band’s best ever songs in ‘Sepulnation.’ (For me, its in the top 5 songs they ever recorded, any era).

Visually, the album is great. Its really well shot and edited, with no fancy distracting weird camera angels or lenses and no too-fast music video style choppy cuts. The stage set up and tasteful circle of lighting around their tribal ‘S’ logo banner looks really great, and the soundjob and mix are perfect. Sometimes the guitars or the vocals can be too quiet in a live recording, or some times the drums have way too much reverb, or sometimes you can’t hear the crowd’s energy; but here everything is perfectly balanced hear and it all sounds thick and chunky.

The band’s performances are excellent and it really shows off what great musicians they are. I never ‘got’ how good a drummer Igor is until I saw this! I didn’t much care for Derrick Green as a frontman before I saw this an it utterly changed my mind.

It looks great, it sounds great, the tracklist is great and the band play great. What more could you possibly want? Oh well, if you still do want more there is an absolute tonne of extras, with music videos, more live songs, a short making of documentary and biography, a bigger documentary about the band from 1998–2005 and other stuff as well (photogalleries etc.)

Overall; this is a damn strong release from a very important band, and there’s so much on it its great value for money. If like me you were skeptical on them without Max in the band, go on youtube and check out live versions of tracks like ‘Chaos AD’ and especially ‘Sepulnation’ off of this and just try not to be converted! If you are new to the band altogether this is a great starting point blending the best parts of all the eras together.


  1. Love that you were as enthused about Derrick after watching this as I was. You should definitely pick up the rest of his albums. I skew much more towards that side of the discography these days. Dante XXI is especially good and A-Lex is probably my favourite after Against.

    I’ve been falling hard for the current lineup of Sepultura over the past few months. It took a long time for it to click with me, probably because the new drummer is the biggest force of change for the band since Derrick joined. He and Andreas really compliment each other, properly pushing each other like, and there’s stuff on the newest two records I couldn’t have dreamed Sepultura would ever have put out. Astounding musicality. I think it was because I loved the last guy so much that I was resistant to Eloy, because I also resented HIM for replacing Igor. Drummer change is the biggest thing that can happen to this band.

    Mediator takes a lot longer to crack through but once it does it’s a marvelous album. It’s taken me nearly four years to realise that.


      • I sure did, both back when it came out and even I think as recently as two or three months ago!

        But it isn’t. It’s just aggressively unco-operative. It has thick, muddy Ross Robinson production and proper literal spiky death metal drumming and the second song starts with a prolonged orchestral intro and it ends with a secret Lombardo/Casagrande drum battle (which on vinyl is AMAZING).

        But it’s very good, really. It’s just not as easy in as, like you say, Sepulnation, which is literally [whispered ‘Rolling’] Drums – Bass – Full Band – Let’s GO


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