Listening Habits 2018

So its like a quarter of the way through the year already (I know right? I’m still working my way through my Christmas presents) . Here’s what I’ve been listening to so far…

Screenshot 2018-04-28 12.00.18 (2)

Screenshot 2018-04-28 12.11.47

Screenshot 2018-04-28 12.01.17


And here’s the top albums:

Screenshot 2018-04-28 12.02.39

New artists I’ve discovered this year include Ghost, Riot and Letlive. I’ve also been exploring Emperor and Green-era Sepultura. My main thing this year has been going for hour-long walks with ’80s Thrash on shuffle. I’ve been listening to a lot of Audiobooks, two of which are by Scott Ian, one of which was by NOFX and one of which is by Nicki Sixx. I’m part way through one by Duff McKagen and am waiting to start ones by Bruce Dickinson and Sebastian Bach.

Comics wise I’ve reread all of Geoff John’s Green Lantern run (can’t recommend highly enough), all the New 52 Superman titles and am working my way through all the big DC Crises and Events… currently working through 52 and just finished Brightest Day.

Movie wise, been watching all the marvel movies one by one, I’ve only got Guardians of The Galaxy 2, Doctor Strange and Black Panther left to go.

The best bit of media all year however has been the launch of That’s Not Metal 2.0 Platinum, where they’ve revamped the podcast and its like 10 hours a week now instead of one.

Plans for the future include the new Parkway Drive, Bullet For My Valentine, Ghost, and Tesseract albums, and I’ve got tickets for a Machine Head concert and for Download Festival.



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  1. Hello Crimson! How did you make this kind of lists? I liked them!! 😉


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